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I have always had a fascination with understanding how the world works and knowing why things are the way they are. Mathematics is the fundamental structure of everything in our universe. From the innate symmetry in snowflakes and the randomness in the Earth’s weather patterns to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and quantum superposition, I believe numbers rule the world.

Watching documentaries originally sparked my interest in maths and physics, what turned this spark into a roaring fire was a book I was gifted – ‘The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets’ by Simon Singh. Reading Singh’s book taught me that maths - and by extension physics - comes easily to me. Both subjects are extremely logic-based and captivate me to a great extent.

I aspire to develop a career in sustainable and renewable energy, in which I require a strong foundation of maths and physics to succeed in. My goal is to provide a better alternative to current energy provisions and continue to make our world a better place to live in. The idea that in time, I might be able to play a part in producing an economically viable form of nuclear fusion or discover a brand-new way to create energy both excites and intrigues me.

My desire to undertake this path is clearly showcased by the subjects I have chosen to take on, especially in S6. The challenges that I face at this level are something I really enjoy. For example, the abstract concepts that maths presents, the theories we learn about in physics that turn your worldview upside down, and the complex coding problems given in computing that require a logical and methodical solution. In addition to these standard subjects, the Open University module I am studying truly tests my organisational skills and self-motivation, but not only I am dedicated to my research, I thoroughly enjoy learning about real world applications of physics in relation to engineering.

In school I am an ambassador for our Physics department, and I plan to work with my peers to create new opportunities for younger years – especially for young girls in STEM. Just as I had the opportunity to engage in amazing things like an Ayrshire College ‘Women in STEM’ conference and a Chemistry team competition held at the University of Glasgow – as well as the UKMT Junior challenge, in which I achieved gold certification. I also completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh which consisted of completing a first aid course, along with volunteering at Shelter (this I kept going beyond completion of my award).

Furthermore, in S4 I was selected by my guidance teacher to take part in a new program (‘Coolheads’) designed to allow senior students to mentor S1 pupils and provide them with support as they experienced their first year at secondary. The program was running for two years, and it allowed me to greatly enhance my active listening skills and maturity as I was a source of advice and aid for those younger than me.

Out with school, I have a chance to gain some work experience within the renewables sector which would consist of me spending a day or two shadowing a researcher, learning how the industry runs and what the job entails. On top of that, I have already gained some work experience in a restaurant, consequently showing me the importance of being able to work as part of a team; good timekeeping and presentation; and effective communication skills.

Aside from my interest in physics and my career aspirations, I hold a great deal of love for music, and I always have, which is why I began playing the guitar around nine years ago. One of the reasons I adore maths is the link it has to music, such as the fascinating connections between the Fibonacci sequence and rhythm changes. Beautiful patterns like these pop up everywhere and it is something I will always be amazed at. As I have now completed my schooling years, I am enthusiastic about taking the next step in my journey and building upon what I have learned so far.

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Honestly I haven't read this in a while and its funny to look at it again, especially after actually having a job now. Yes I did that work experience but damn was it different.

Anyways, I was so proud of this when I submitted it because I wrote it in like one night after procrastinating my schools deadline for first drafts - so maybe don't do that. it worked out though since I got into my top choice.

I applied to 3 uni's:

Glasgow - didn't wait for an offer, they took too long (MPhys Physics, MPhys Maths and Physics
Edinburgh - got unconditional offers (MPhys Physics, MPhys Mathematical Physics)
Dundee - got unconditional offer (MPhys Maths and Physics)


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