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Mathematics can, at times, be the single most frustrating subject I have ever studied, yet I love it. The euphoria of completing a particularly hard puzzle, or the sudden realisation of a particular topic clicking into place, makes the challenge and the hard work all the more worthwhile. Studying both maths and further maths at 'A' level has been the most enjoyable and rewarding part of my academic career, and the logic and reasoning required for the subject keeps me interested. By studying mathematics to degree standard, I hope to find and answer many new questions I might have. In particular, I am looking forward to exploring more in the field of pure maths. My success and fascination in mathematics has given me a strong foundation to approach a degree with both the confidence and enthusiasm needed to succeed. By entering myself for the mathematics AEA, I hope to expand upon the mathematical knowledge I have already learnt, by further developing the skills to apply them to demanding and complex questions. Besides the possible reward of another qualification, the prospect of gaining greater understanding, alongside better techniques of application in maths, will be a fantastic opportunity.

To help support my studies I work as a customer assistant in a retail store. Parts of my duties involve contact with members of the public and this has helped me enhance both my communication and problem solving skills. By managing a busy schedule of studying, work and a teenage social life, I have acquired time management skills that will prove invaluable to me during my degree.Some of my most fulfilling and rewarding experiences in recent years include being a member of the cast in two drama productions at my secondary school. Holding critical and demanding roles, while under pressure to perform in front of an audience, has helped me develop my confidence greatly and I look forward to continuing such activities at university. Throughout my GCSE years, I was a library assistant at school where my duties included the issuing and returning of books and working with the rest of the library staff to ensure the general day-to-day running of the service. The experience of working within the library structure, along with other assistants, helped me improve the way I work within a team, and help shape me into a more mature individual. More recently, whilst studying for my A-levels, I have chosen to spend a number of my free periods helping with some of the younger years' maths classes. The communication and language skills, developed from aiding students with a variety of abilities, have helped augment my already keen social and communication skills, whilst helping struggling students has taught me both patience and that positive results can be gained with enough perseverance.

Although taking a break now due to a sporting injury, I am also a keen martial artist. I find that maintaining physical fitness helps general well being and concentration, which has had a positive impact on my studies. Having studied kickboxing for two and a half years to the standard of red belt, whilst casually exploring the Korean martial art of Tae-Kwon-Do, I have realised a fascinating insight into the versatility and strengths of the human physique. I hope to compete in the ring on a national level one day. Martial arts are seen as a way of life, they are certainly a big part of mine.

It is because of my passion for the subject, and the skills learnt from helping others that makes me believe I will make a successful mathematician. Where knowledge and logic are necessary parts to being successful in maths, it is my drive and passion that will help me to learn it, alongside my communication and language skills that will help me use the knowledge in real-life situations.

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This personal statement was written by porter2002 for application in 2007.


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hey thats great

hey thats great


I just looove the first sentence. original and true :)

its good



Brilliant; Really helped get

Brilliant; Really helped get a feel for how a pesonal statement should read.

a level student

well done... its so true... its very convincing

This is really good, the

This is really good, the frustration part is exactly how i feel about maths- part of the reason i am opting not to do a degree in it. However, i think with this statement you would have got a lot of offers!

hey this personal statement

hey this personal statement is really great and has helped to give me an idea of what a good maths personal statement should read like. thanks.

hey just wanted to say that

hey just wanted to say that this has been the best personal statement i have read so far. all the rest have been really cheesy/geeky but i felt that your's was very sincere and personal. gd luck!

i am writing my ps atm and

i am writing my ps atm and have really struggling! i wish i could come up with a great opening line like this ps, its great! well done, anyone know where this person applied to and whether they got in? also was this person any good at english because im not and can't write anything nearas good as this!


LUV THE FIRST LINE!!!! so true by the way exactly how i feel bout my A Level maths!

nice guy

hey street-kid, you wouldn't understand such as thing cause you from the street. So shut up and go back and read kaji vision 4

This pS was one of the best personal statement i ever read and it was honest.

I think we could be the same

I think we could be the same person! haha Seriously though, your views on maths are brilliantly true. I love th balance you've struck between them and your qualities and sppare time etc is ace.
Well in :D

I thought that a good

I thought that a good personal statement needed to be mostly about the subject?

This is a really good one..

This is a really good one..
Totally explains how i feel about maths being so frustrating but amazing once you've finished working through a problem :) well donneeee

this personal statement is

this personal statement is really good, the best I've read definately. But I'm worried, because you are me! I prefer pure maths, I tutored younger children maths, I worked at the library and studied karate! did you get into university?! if you did that would really reassure me!


Great Personal statement, one of the best i've seen! I was just wondering, how did the universities that you applied to react to the statement? I.e. Where did you apply and were you accepted? Thanks.

its was alrite but like am

its was alrite but like am really good at maths too like yah no

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