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I have always had a passion and a thorough understanding of the subject of Mathematics. This helped me to progress academically because, unlike a lot of people, I have not had to worry about passing my GCSE Maths exams. Since starting my A level course, I have developed a keener interest in pursuing the subject further as I deeply enjoy it, which has led me to read the book 'A Brief History of Infinity' by Brian Clegg. The course also persuaded me to pursue a career in accountancy on completion of my Mathematics degree.

I currently undertake a work placement at a local accounting establishment. During my placement, I have discovered many areas in this field which utilise the Mathematical skills that I wish to develop: taxation calculations, management ratios and cash flow forecasts. I have also had experience working with different software packages such as Iris and Sage - used by accountants to help manage their client's accounts. I was quick to pick up how to use these programmes due to my experience in ICT. I would like to study Mathematics at University before

I take any accounting qualifications, to broaden the basis of my Mathematics knowledge with which I can apply to said qualifications. In my school, Further Maths is not a timetabled lesson; this means that I was not able to take it as an option last year. However, due to my strong AS Mathematics result, I have been able to access AS Further Maths in Year 13. I received guidance whilst researching and teaching myself, which has improved my communication and independence, to the degree that I am able to mentor other students successfully. This additional course has allowed me to study all of the different areas of Mathematics, increasing my knowledge of the subject. I am particularly enjoying the challenge this level of study provides and I know I will achieve a successful outcome.

Studying Physics has also helped to improve my Maths skills; both subjects utilise similar skills and qualities and have required me to develop resilience and determination when approaching new topics which stretch my ability and level of understanding. I also studied ICT at A level for two years, having begun in Year 11, and have achieved two Distinctions, which is equivalent to A grades. The course furnished me with a greater
knowledge of numerous software packages which will be beneficial in my chosen career as an accountant. Experience using computers in general will help because they are integral in the work of accounting and any modern business. ICT has also given me the skills and ease to use the internet more efficiently to search and find information about my chosen subject. It will also be important when I am studying independently at university.

Finally, it has allowed me to explain myself coherently, which is useful in everyday life, as well as successfully completing coursework or making notes. My time in Sixth Form has made me a more mature and responsible student, as well as making me more confident and improving my communication and teamwork skills. I have participated in the Academy's Peer Mentoring schemes, teaching Literacy and Numeracy to Year 7 students. Also, leading on communicating and peer led revision sessions have played a large part in preparing me for exams and meeting deadlines and homework on time. My Maths abilities have allowed me to support my peers, both in and out of the classroom. This has boosted my self-confidence and my communication skills as well as increasing my friendship group. I look forward to studying Mathematics at university as it will allow me to be more independent and meet new people, as well as allowing me to study a subject which I thoroughly

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This personal statement was written by RyanAGTerry for application in 2013.

RyanAGTerry's university choices
University of Leeds
The University of York
The University of Sheffield
The University of Nottingham
The University of Manchester

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This is my personal statement for applying to study Mathematics. I got conditional offers from all five universities without any interviews.


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