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A trace of interrogating issues since childhood resulted to the passion for mathematics. Since it create the environment to interrogate the rationale behind any mathematical axioms and hypothesis. The elementary algebra was so fascinating to the extent that one can appreciate the beauty of mathematics.

I have always been captivated by my mathematics studies and having a skill for the subject there was never any qualm that I would choose mathematics as one of my electives subject after my junior secondary school examination. Having been granted my request to study further mathematics in the senior secondary school was one of my ultimate joy. Sooner than later, I was faced with a system of learning where the prominence is placed on the student rather than the tutor.

This gave me the brink to get the best of materials on the subject. I chance on a book titled Additional Mathematics for West Africa authored by A. Godman. This book was my instructor and my commencement of the mathematics dream. Therefore, the only person from class to pursue mathematics for my undergraduate.

Since exiling Advance (A) level system of education in the main stream curriculum in Ghana, brought about wide gap between the first and second year studies of calculus II, vectors and geometry in the university and what we studied under west Africa examination council (WAEC) in the senior secondary school. Hence to survive in the mathematics department calls for extra hard work.

Being introduce to real and complex analysis, abstract algebra was heddle I needed to overcome. This resulted in repeating courses stated above the second time and I was dazed with the grades I made through hard work. That was my turning point in abstract algebra and real analysis. Besides, it gave me the acuity of feeling that made mathematics my topmost enthusiasm.

The interdependence relationship that was display between algebra and geometry leaves a lot to desire, where solutions to algebraic equations can be visualized through geometry and the reverse is true. Once this correspondence is established the results can be derived solely through techniques of algebra and thus the beauty of mathematics.

Again, being introduced to lebesque measure and Riemann integral by the Dr. Margaret McIntyre, increase my appetite for graduate studies in mathematics. The fascination of using higher algebraic objects to describe geometric spaces also shows amazement to the reader. My lack of thesis during my studies was as a result of the department lacking personnel to handle some of the topics leading to a major in mathematics which will require such project work or thesis.

My profound interest was also prompted by attending a series of seminars by graduate students in the department. They exhibit an in-depth knowledge of practical applications to real life problems and it solution. They also try to explain the rationale behind some software applications in use.

I was also involved in non-academic activities such as swimming and athletics, periodically I attend dance and music lesson for the fun it.

I took on one year mandatory service to the nation in teaching. I was posted to a senior secondary and technical school to teach further mathematics. Teaching is a passion that comes out naturally. Impacting the knowledge acquired in mathematics to the less privilege once is my joy.

Having acquired almost twelve (12) years working experience in the banking industry; has really exposed me to a whole lot of direct and indirect applications of mathematics in the daily activities of writing and analyzing credit papers. The applications of mathematics in financial modelling and other software drives the desire to further the studies of this subject to both graduate and post graduate levels.

Coming to terms with the profound interest in algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory makes me consider, pursuing graduate studies in Acadia University due to the wide range of research that the faculty under takes.

Algebraic number theory is one of the research areas that Professor Jeff Hooper specialized in and I hope he will nature that passion in me to the benefit of the mathematics society both home and abroad.

The MSc program in applied mathematics offers exciting opportunity for industrial experience to enable graduate student embark on the practicality of mathematical theories both in business and engineering.

Considering, the research areas currently boarding on by the faculty; will be an interesting time to gain admission into the master’s program to broaden my horizon in these areas especially
- Tidal energy in the Bay of Fundy.
- Game of cops and robbers.

I am greatly looking forward to the transition from active cooperate environment into academia for my graduate studies. I believe that the challenge of studying and developing my mathematics to a PhD level is commencing with Acadia University and is going to be one that I will deeply enjoy.

I hope the admission committee will find my application appropriate for admission into the graduate program.

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