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Mathematics has always captivated me in how it is a language communicating the laws of the universe and a tool to improve our daily lives. This, alongside my thirst for learning and passion for problem-solving, informs my fascination for Mathematics as a discipline. I see the subject as the engine that drives scientific and business innovation; thus improving the lives of ordinary individuals. Having finished my penultimate year at the University of Leicester, I seek to complete my Mathematical study in the hope I will positively impact the future.

My interest for Mathematics began at an early age; I would enthusiastically stretch beyond the material I would be given in school. However, my appeal for the subject blossomed as I realised it was not just arithmetic- it codified abstract concepts into symbols and ideas we can comprehend. The book 'Godel, Escher, Bach' aptly characterised this, giving me insights to how mathematical systems acquire meaning through axiomatic reasoning- especially in set theory. This complemented my love for new information and unconventional methods, with my course offering the opportunity to explore and innovate in advanced Mathematics.

For Differential Equations and Dynamics, I independently discovered the possibilities of Newtonian, in lieu of the traditionally taught Leibniz, notation for computations. I created a modified version of this, making partial derivative and nth order differentials calculations clearer, faster and more efficient. Also, the simple change and straightforwardness of the notation expedited my understanding of more complex mathematical concepts. This not only gave me a great sense of joy and excitement, it led to my achievement of a first class result.

Furthermore, my exposure to Mathematics was not limited to studying its theoretical aspects. As a mature student, I provided mathematical solutions whilst interning in international SMEs, financial service and manufacturing companies. At Beyond19 Partners Australia, I was tasked with building an online e-Learning platform focused on improving, streamlining and instructing effective sales behaviours for clients in the business-to-business market. With the data provided by clients, I successfully applied statistical mathematics to organise, plot and interpret the information.

This produced a model correlating client behaviours to outcomes, allowing me to construct the appropriate blueprints, scripts and training templates. Consequently, I was able to make the e-Learning platform interactive, engaging and instructive. This experience established how crucial Mathematics is to the creative process behind business, and demonstrates my ambition and versatility as a Mathematician.

My love for learning foreign languages made me both disciplined and mentally flexible. As both require strong pattern recognition skills, my success in Mathematics is inextricably linked to my working fluency in four languages. I am a team player and a driven individual, having participated in university rugby and won several powerlifting competitions.

In addition to my sporting and professional achievements, I am a three-time Bronze award winner of the UKMT Mathematical Challenge. As an avid traveller, I have explored foreign cultures and worked in Grameen Bank Bangladesh, which pioneered microfinance to reduce poverty. In terms of professional ambitions, I intend to use the skills from my degree to work in developing countries, using investment management or business analysis to encourage growth in local start-ups in the SAARC countries, with a focus on Bangladesh.

I very much look forward to further deepen my understanding of Mathematics for my final year at your university. I believe my breadth of experience and enthusiasm for innovation and learning will make me successful at your institution, and open greater future opportunities.

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