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Studying mathematics and physics at degree level will not only allow me to develop myself intellectually but satisfy my curiosity to understand the universe and everything in it. As my knowledge of physics has developed my perception of reality has evolved and I find myself pondering challenging questions, which drives me to learn more.

I am amazed by the versatility of mathematics and find a real satisfaction from grasping new concepts. It is this that makes me want to study these subjects and it is my self-motivation to work hard that, I think, will make me the ideal student for such a course.

In the summer I completed a 5 week paid placement through the Nuffield Foundation at MBDA Missile Systems, this enabled me to apply my knowledge and enthusiasm of physics and maths in a working environment, giving me a taste of their application in industry.

Working within their warhead department I spent my time modelling future designs, simulating and analysing their performance with different materials and made significant contributions towards the preparation for a warhead trial. At the end I wrote up my project for the Nuffield foundation who told me it was very impressive and so I am entering it for a Gold Crest Award.

I also attended a systems engineering week at BAE systems. This was primarily a team project to design a fleet of aircraft in which I took on the role of completing the vast amount of performance and cost calculations.

At the end we formally presented our fleet to a large audience so good presentational skills and time management were essential. It was also vital to work well as a team and at the end we won an award for best teamwork.

I simply love to learn! It’s because of this that I really enjoy my A-level studies. I settled in quickly and was awarded student of the term within the psychology department. Physics has always been my area of interest; I have a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and thoroughly look forward to every lesson.

To broaden my knowledge of the subject I often research topics outside the A-level syllabus and have read various books such as ‘The Grand Design’ by Stephen Hawkings and Richard Feynman’s ‘Six Easy Pieces’.

Throughout college my love and capability for maths has excelled and I have realised the significance placed upon the subject in so many areas, then after achieving 100% in both year 1 core examinations I decided to take on AS-level further maths in hope to learn more challenging concepts.

Additionally my other subjects also offer relevant knowledge and skills; chemistry involves a great deal of physics application, and my AS psychology has given me excellent analytical skills.

In all my A-level subjects, the more challenging a lesson the more enjoyable and rewarding I find it when is all clicks into place, I then often find myself staying behind afterwards eager to learn more.

Being active plays a large part in my life. I manage my academic study time well and so I’m able to regularly workout at a fitness gym, which I have attended for several years now, and run weekly in order to maintain general health. I’m also a keen skier but in recent years I’ve taken a greater interest in snowboarding.

Other interests include martial arts, break dancing and music however, my main love is gymnastics. I am a member of a club where I train weekly in the advanced class and I would love to be able to continue with this interest at university.

Overall through both my work placements and educational career I feel I have developed many valuable qualities which will greatly benefit me at degree study; self-motivation and dedication to work hard, a strong ambition to do well and a healthy enthusiasm for the subjects.

Mathematics and physics are not just subjects but hobbies to me and I am excited to study them at a higher level. I am no stranger to working hard; I look forward to doing so at university and earning the reward of a degree.

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Mathematics and Physics at The University of Warwick

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It tooks a lot of work. Don't expect to write it in 1 sitting, I went through many draft before finishing so START EARLY!


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