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Mathematics still remaind as my most favorite subject. Having it as a compulsory subject for five years and one of the subjects I have chosen for my college semester, studying it made me realize just how important it is applied in everyday life, from basic counting to solving complex practical problems. Even in other subjects such as Physics and Accounting the basics of Mathematics is essential.

I developed my interest in Mathematics when I was in Primary Six, although during that time it was the least favorite subject since I always failed and only manage to get a D. Taking tuition classes and doing homework helped me to improve my skills. I found that during a revision test I got the highest score, much to my classmates and my teacher's surprise. This somewhat sparked my interest in the subject and having to feel this sense of achievement made me to be even more successful and more competitive, which I still continue up till now.

When I was told to take the 'Careers Interest Game' I found out that my personality exactly fits the career I wanted to pursue - prefer to work with numbers, tendency to do a lot of paperwork in a short period of time, obedient, etc. Compare to writing essays in my Sociology or Literature class, I found it more exciting to work with numbers and solve more questions (especially in algebra and trigonometry) with using different types of formulas. Not only do I know there would be one correct solution, it's challenging the fact that we can apply so many formulas to a certain question.

This is the reason why I would like to take Mathematics as my course and eventually taking a career of teaching in the secondary/college section, simply because I am enthusiast in Mathematics. Mathematics aside, not only do I want to become a great teacher but also a caring and loving individual. As I have a sense of pride when achieving a high satisfying mark, I will truly value the sense of achievement on teaching the students this subject I love and show them just how exciting yet challenging this subject is. Moreover it would such an honor to watch them progress and grow into educated and well-mannered people that every parent should be proud of.

During my college semester I participated in Karate Club (an extra-curriculum activity provided by the college) where I was appointed as the second Vice President. Not only do I gain an improvement in enhancing my social skills and helping others, I learnt the values of discipline, self-esteem and teamwork as well as time-management, organizing activities and taking in responsibilities. I also took part in cheerleading-dancing on our college's yearly Sports Day in supporting one of the teams.

When it comes to hobbies aside from reading in a quiet environment, I am also enthusiastic in Anime - a phenomenon that is famously known throughout the world. It is by this that I was introduced to a world of 'cosplay'; a hobby centered on dressing as characters from anime, video games, comic books, etc.). Recently I participated in 'cosplay' with other people for a group gathering. New faces, new personalities brought a challenge yet it helps to strengthen our devotions towards 'anime' and also meeting new people helps me to socialize and interact better.

I always consider myself to be proficient in terms of communicating and listening, which I believed to be a good quality especially involving in teaching. Even so, I would like to improve my English skills at the university overseas by interacting socially with different kinds of people. I look forward into going to a university and gain independence, as well as the necessary skills and experience to pursue my career to be a successful Mathematic teacher.

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This personal statement was written by Airi Jacques for application in 2008.


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I found this to be a really

I found this to be a really good PS. You talked about how you developed your love for Maths, and what you do apart from studying and stuff. Just look over your spelling and stuff and it should be fine. This PS is the most like me too, I was exactly the same and into cosplay and anime too (^ ^)

XIAHIME: Thanks,Xiahime. ^^ I

XIAHIME: Thanks,Xiahime. ^^ I seriously need to improve my english. ^__^"


Great PS

Whats with all the weird characters before and after some words or phrases?! e.g. ‘Careers Interest Game’ - unless this is my mistake and the characters are part of the name?

Other than that, great PS! I liked the way you were honest about your early mathematics - D grades :( and how you inmproved.

Good luck with whatever you end up doing with life :)

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