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The nobility of physics together with my aspiration to explore natural phenomena mathematically and to formulate theories that govern them has changed my perception of reality and this has made me ponder difficult questions.

What is the history of the Universe? What is quantum entanglement? What is the string theory? I am intrigued by the implication of Quantum theory and the elegant significance of Relativity theory. For me, Physics is the key to the survival of the human race which makes me want to immerse myself in this discipline.

Physics requires the use of analytical techniques to construct magnificent theories that guide complex natural phenomena which also uncover hidden secrets of nature.

This is reflected in the study of physical properties in four dimensions, where a gentle touch of mathematical techniques and fundamental physical laws allow me to prove equations defining special relativity which Einstein used to unlock the mass-energy equivalence. My desire to explore Nature's true identity has led me to read the works of Stephen Hawking and Prof. Susskind.

From these, I have realised how the Uncertainty Principle brings an element of unpredictability into science, which adds mysterious new dimensions to Physics. Interactions among Fermions and Baryons with the exchange of Bosons as well as the prediction of the existence of Higgs Boson intrigue me.

These have helped to increase my knowledge regarding force and Schrodinger equation. My enthusiasm for mathematical physics has led me to formulate an equation that equates time-location. In the past I have designed a free energy generator, and a feasible past event viewer, which enabled me to understand the arrow of time in depth.

Combining the practical and analytical techniques I have gained from my A-level courses has given me a sound scientific background. I received the best young mathematician award which was given to me by my local government chairman.

To solidify my mathematical ability, I have decided to take six units of Further Maths this year and I also study "Engineering Maths" by K.A Stroud which acts as an invaluable extension to my mathematical experience.

The beauty of physics, not just as a theoretical discipline but with its various applications, grabbed my attention after shadowing a Professor at the Missouri State University. He shared with me some of his elegant abstract ideas using clues from Nature.

This encouraged me to look for abstract clues to make new discoveries. I have developed good communication and team working skills as an A-level science and maths tutor and through my contribution towards building an electric racing car for the Greenpower competition.

My responsibilities include designing an effective drive system, while supervising other aspects of the project. I believe the skills I have gained have prepared me for university life.

In addition to studying for my A-levels, I am an official college advocate. I collate quantitative and qualitative data, analyse, and make presentations that highlight areas for improvement for the college management. Football and chess are among my favourite activities where I practise and develop my strategic skills.

The works of Beethoven have motivated me to play the piano. I also enjoy dancing as well as imaginative drawing.

On completion of my degree, I plan to go into research and university lecturing.

My passion for the application of physics from abstract and conceptual ideas, along with my attitude toward learning and researching into underlying theories of nature will enable me to achieve these goals. I believe I possess the essential skills, capacity and motivation to tackle the academic challenges that lie ahead.

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This personal statement was written by dawaj2004 for application in 2011.

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Physical Natural Science at Cambridge University


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I must say you have written an awesome personal statement. It truly reflects your passion for physics....enjoy your time at cambridge :)

Great statement! Would love

Great statement! Would love to follow in your steps soon, I hope to be an astronaut one day you see. Your passion is amazingly understood. :)

He says he created a free

He says he created a free energy generator? does he mean a perpetual motion machine that violates the laws of thermodynamics?

Interactions between Fermions

Interactions between Fermions and Baryons?

Baryons are Fermions...
So, interactions between Fermions and Fermions. So, interactions between Fermions?

What do you mean 'past event viewer'?

No hating! when I wrote this

No hating! when I wrote this statement my knowledge of baryons and Fermions was from wikipedia. Now I can look back at it and point out the errors!

perhaps, If you understand the laws of thermodynamics in detail and from first principle, you will understand how this is possible! I wont waste my time on irrelevant things.

And yeah, I designed a past event viewer, and that explains how I got into Cambridge in the first place.

HUMAN, trying to dim another man's candle wont make yours bighter! That's not the way forward mate!

good job...!

I really liked the statement, it is informative and yet to the point - though being but a simple student myself I cannot comment on the accuracy of the physics, but who cares? I still liked it.
One question about good ol' Cambridge though - are the students and staff pretentious or elitist at all. I don't like that kind of thing as I think it gets in the way of more important, useful things... it would be good to hear your opinion...


I'm sorry if I've offended anyone here! I'm just a very moody HUMAN and I was in a bad mood when I wrote my previous comment! Perhaps, this site is meant for us to help one another to get to the University we want. Like I said I wrote that statement when my knowlegde of particle physics have lots of holes. Anyway, to those interested, creating a free energy generator doesn't violate the 1st law of thermodynamics. The free energy generator uses gibb's free energy to its advantage by converting the everlasting magnetic field of a material together with a cycle of motion replenished by magnetic field itself, by taking advantage of maxwell's beautiful equations *I'll be very happy to share my knowlegde on this* (inbox me if you want to know more @ * I recently found out that this machine has been proposed by some past physicist and they were silenced* (murdered). Well, do some research on this! :)


To be honest with you, pretentious; I consider that a source of motivation Aiming to become someone that will one day be capable of making a change is a good thing from my POV (I'm just human, I know not). Many people in cambridge have their drives. Etilist; hmmm! I'll talk for myself: I'm just HUMAN and so are you! So I don't think that I'm better than anyone just because of my social status, knowlegde etc: all that matters to me is the fact that we're human and death is something we can't escape from, thus; I just want to help to shape the bright,peaceful and beautiful future of humanity! EQUALITY... I know not!

Important, crucial question

How good are you at football?

don't thank me

Most of the comment are in early 2013... are you guys thanking me now cos your Cambridge/Oxford application is successful?

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