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“The mind has a mind of its own”. It is no secret that the mind is a complex place, an intricate puzzle that is still being solved and may never be, due to the volatile nature of human behaviour.

It is this complexity and sense of constant discovery that draws me towards studying psychology.

The sub-topic of ‘Forensic Psychology’ is of particular interest to me, due to my determination to pursue a career in either detective or investigative work.

My passion for this topic stems from my early teenage years, where my love for crime dramas and documentaries originated and first sparked my curiosity, leading me to ask the question; “Why would someone commit a crime?”.

This curiosity was later cemented during my time at college where I studied Sociology and had the opportunity to explore theories relating to Crime and Deviance. For example, the French sociologist, Emile Durkheim, who proposed that crime served a social function and was altogether vital in order for society to operate properly.

This along with Durkheim’s many other provocative theories, such as crime being inevitable, only served to generate more interest in this topic as it encouraged me to search for my own answers.

The ability to conduct my own research studies and develop my own theories using both qualitative and quantitive methods (e.g interviews, surveys) allowed me to explore the reasons behind the results, rather than the results themselves, thus introducing me to Psychology.

Studying both English Literature and Language at A Level, along with Sociology, I developed advanced analytical and evaluative skills.

Each subject required study of a large variety of contexts and genres, enabling me to explore the minds of a diverse population of authors, along with their characters and draw up comprehensive conclusions based on this unprecedented insight into human behaviour.

Through studying A Levels that were both exam and assessment focused, I learnt to write at a high academic standard as well as enhancing my time management skills (e.g meeting assessment deadlines). These skills will be easily transferable into undergraduate study.

Having finished full-time education eighteen months ago, I have had time to explore the adult working world. Working within the public and retail sector, I have both grown and matured, developing exceptional interpersonal and organisational skills, which will assist me throughout university life.

Through reflection I have established a clear career plan for myself and now know that university and the study of Psychology is where my true interests and passions lie.

As an independent, mature, incredibly hardworking individual I have both the motivation and determination to surpass expectations and I am eager to reenter education and experience the thrill of discovering something new.

I look forward to taking on the opportunity to advance my knowledge and discover a new subject and lifestyle that will allow me to achieve my future life goals and advance as an individual.

Outside of my working life, I am currently learning British Sign Language, which I find particularly intriguing as it moves beyond the norms of conventional, vocal language.

In addition I am the member of a local debating society where we regularly discuss current world affairs as I take a keen interest in the world around me. During 2019 I will be taking the opportunity to discover and experience new cultures, lifestyles and behaviours of people as I travel around the Asian continent.

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This is my finished draft and I just wanted to get a second opinion on it before I submit it to UCAS.

I am only applying to one university


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