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What is life, but an endless chain of riddles? Actually, I believe the chain stretches far beyond any living creature's lifespan, beyond words and imagination.

As we progress, we find ourselves facing the most curious of questions. But whilst curiosity is one of the main traits of human beings, its power and influence are often overwhelmed by our defense mechanisms.

Thus some questions, the most vital to us at the moment, might find their solutions. Others, however, might not. It is up to us to decide whether we are willing to stop on one place for a while, or continue our journey only in hopes of stumbling upon the same situation later on.

One thing is certain - no matter the choice, once faced with a riddle, a person is likely to remain haunted by it until the end of their lives.

If anyone argued with me on that manner, I would gladly say that what we see or even perceive is no more than a tenth of what we carry inside. A constant search for the truth may not be on everyone's agenda, but the need for it is carved somewhere deeper than we may ever reach.

This place, precisely this depth behind all masks, behind the make-up and the body-vessels we belong to, is what enthralls me and leaves me hanging breathless upon the outlines of my own path.

I would gladly give away a kingdom for the sake of unlocking the secret to even one heart. What is more, I would give my life with all the devotion I am capable of.

I believe the art of psychology is what specialises in the quest for hidden passages and keys to the most stubborn of locks. I call it art, for it touches the soul no less than the greatest of piano concerts or the most beautiful of poems. It is able to ignite life, where its colours had slowly faded, to plant with hopes and beliefs for the future.

Last but not of least importance, to me, it is a source of inspiration. And I am a person who would rather live through one inspiring year than a century of empty ones.

So, to put it briefly, it turns out that I and Psychology have a two-sided relationship - I would devote my entire being to it, but I need it in my life so that I can sustain this certain being worth devoting.

Choosing to walk down such a Path in life is not something that occurred to me yesterday or the day before.

Honestly, I cannot even remember where the roots of this dream of mine may lie. What I do know is, that taking philosophy and psychology classes at my high school made me realize that everything that had intrigued me so greatly in the past could be turned into a profession.

Helping people to help themselves, searching together with them for the little lost pieces of the puzzle, this is what I define as my calling.

By this I mean giving guidance and offering support to the person in question, but in just the right portions, so that they can continue their journey independently and more motivated than ever before.

Psychology is what opens the doors towards ever so many human beings with their fates. A diversity to be truly thankful for, and what is more, a diversity I would like to study thoroughly. Because I, as Jack Kerouac, have found this simple truth:

"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time". But here I shall add... Aren't we all?

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This personal statement was written by Lafiel for application in 2009.

Lafiel's Comments

my first and final 2 hour attempt at writing a personal statement. i actually prefer calling it a "motivational essay", at least that's how i see it. i wasn't sure if it was the best idea to send this to the unis, bearing in mind, that it says nothing whatsoever about me.. directly. but in the end i did use it and the result was:
University of Nottingham - offer for Psychology and Philosophy
University of Southampton - offer for Psychology
University of Leicester - offer for Psychology and Sociology
Unis of St. Andrews and Cardiff - declined
my low grades will haunt me till the end of time.. :(


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This is absoloutely ridiculous


well done!
I LOVEEEEEEE the way you end this (one of my fav quotes!)

Like no other ...

I love it! I'm really impressed by the way you write and you express your ideas ... You left me with no words ... Well done! You deserve the best ;))


wow, this is a realli good personal statement, i love the end!!


its a bit of a weird personal statement just filled with fancy gargon and i dont really think you've put across why you should study psychology, your just defining it in a metaphorical way (middle paragraph)

l a m e

made me throw up a little in my mouth..

It is a definite must read. I

It is a definite must read. I was intrigued in your perception of psychology to your life. Well done.


You play way too much scrabble with your grandmar


i think this is so profound. i wish i could write like that with such confidence and inspiration. good luck to you

I really like how this

I really like how this personal statement flows and the almost poetry about it. However, there wasn't much in it about you personally. What you have acheived, etc...Dont know if that was the idea????


this seems more like somthing i'd hand into a poetry competition. it's good i guess but it's not really appropriate to hand into some universitys


uhh...freak! {bbc-freakstreet) - please visit!!

Interesting. I would have

Interesting. I would have thought that the point of a ps is to talk about your interests and achievements. However, you claim to have received an offer from Nottingham (which is a pretty competitive place) despite the fact that your 'personal' statement says nothing about you as a person. Perhaps I'm wrong - perhaps admissions tutors want to hear something about their subject.

Maybe you got good grades and had some pretty strong 'contextual factors' (first in your family to attend university; from a school which is 'under-represented at the university).

there is need for some improvement

although the PS is kinda like a motivational speech there are some space for improvement:
you need to talk more about yourself rather than the course
more about your activities and experiences rather than a long speech about your relationship with psychology
the first paragraph told us what you think of psychology but you continued talking in this kind of language which is mesmerizing but needs to be more about yourself
overall it is good but there is need for improvement although i realised that it may be too late :P


I came across this as I was looking for examples of Personal Statements for Art Psychotherapy as a Postgraduate course. I have to admit my first attempt at writing a Personal Statement for an undergraduate degree was pretty abysmal however with a lot of help I managed to write a redeemable PS in the end. I found this a little airy fairy to be honest just felt like a long winded opinion that had no substance to it. There was a part of it about how you would help people (im guessing through counselling therapy) to eventually live there lives independantly-(Second to last paragraph), I thought was quite good. Although you say you have had offers fom Universities (Conditional or not?) im guessing that was due to other Academic qualities. I see this was written in 2009 and I expect that you have learnt alot more about how to present yourself better in this format. :)

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