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My fascination in psychology and social science derives from various personal experiences, and the observation others around me.

Having appreciated the trilogy of Dave Pelzer, I am intrigued to develop an understanding of the effects that social factors have on individuals, and, how human behaviour, in hindsight, provides key evidence to the operation of the psyche.

During my academic life, I have developed numerous skills and gained valuable experience, demonstrating my suitability to study within the field of Social Science and Psychology.

My ability to critically evaluate situations and form rational conclusions has been proven through my AS English qualification and an award I received for outstanding coursework.

This confirms my capability to effectively appraise several sources of differing judgements before forming an original opinion.

Gaining 100% attendance throughout most of my school life displays my dedication towards achieving. I have qualified twice as a Compact graduate, meeting the criteria for excellent achievement.

I have also attained a Certificate of Accreditation for "meeting quality standards set down by the ESIS".

Participating in the 'Toe by Toe' mentoring scheme at school, where I tutored a child with reading difficulties has shown my commitment to supporting others.

Additionally, being elected by my peers as form representative illustrates my approachable and dependable character.

My desire for a career in Psychology has been further driven by work experience in a Primary School. A valuable experience, it has helped me discover my true passion for studying the development of the mind. It was interesting to analyse these children methodically, focusing on situations that can affect the attitudes and behaviour of each child.

As a volunteer for the British Red Cross, I show my self-motivation and my passion for helping individuals in need. As well as volunteering, fundraising is another aspect of charity work, which I have been involved in, so far raising over GBP 500 to partake in a parachute jump.

My willingness to help those in crisis at my own expense has been extremely fulfilling. Participating in voluntary work, I have come to appreciate that each step of a person's life teaches them something new.

Voluntary work has certainly broadened my enthusiasm and interest in the diverse situations that significantly impact on a person's mind and development.

I have successfully combined academic achievement with working part time. Working for a large commercial organisation has given me an enhanced understanding of the dynamics of employee relations.

Dealing with both customers and colleagues has helped with strengthening my communication skills and building my confidence.

Having experience in several Tesco stores shows my adaptability to working in various teams and environments. My responsibilities as a stock controller involve managing order intakes to meet the needs of the company, as well as showing my ability to work to deadlines, both alone and as part of a team.

Performing a Welsh recitation in the semi-final of the National Eisteddfod reinforces my capability to work successfully within a team and also demonstrates my ability to learn quickly.

These are experiences, which I believe will stand me in good stead for further education in the field of social sciences and psychology. Having equal enthusiasm for both courses, I am eager to expand my knowledge and excel in all aspects of work.

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I loved this statement & I

I loved this statement & I also read Dave Pelzer books...they're amazing :)
What offers did you get?

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