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My mother always said, "You always enjoyed the company of tools from your father's tool kit, may be passion for trying against odd runs in your blood."

My father is an Electrical engineer by qualification with laurels and industrial consultant by profession, only after hard earned experience in all walks of industrial environment. As long as I can remember, whenever I went along him to his sites, I always wandered around and tried to get inside the working of equipments, I stumbled with.

My father always told me that electronics is changing almost everything from methods to equipment. Soon enough I understood what he meant, as I began to see and imagine the impact of electronics and especially Telecommunication Engineering, in my education to entertainment and leisure. Finally, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering gave me the career to which I can dedicate my vigor and endeavor.

After securing a meritorious position in senior secondary exam, my parents advised me to opt for a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication. This was quite unconventional according to Indian education system. Many thought I had taken up a course that would never give me a successful career.

I, on the contrary felt multifarious effect in my studies, career and life because it had given me a perfect track to my destiny and taken away all worries and given me all the time in the world to achieve my goal of life.

While this diploma helped me to understand engineering studies with much better prospective, it also served as a platform to understand many practical aspects of telecommunication engineering. It was during this time that I had my first encounter with system design and implementation.

Due to interest in field and ability to perform time and again I completed my Diploma with distinction and received best student award along with a sum of about 100$ and a Gold medal.

In 2000 I started my engineering studies from Electronics Department of S.R.K.N. Engineering College. Overwhelming confidence and leadership qualities soon made me a distinctive student. I was given a chance to setup laboratories and project works with faculties on various occasions of high academic value. I was appreciated as a technically equipped student in my department.

Although active participation in extra-curricular activities like dramatics during cultural events and working as an organiser of events like technical symposium for college did not let anybody put a tag of bookworm on me. While I enjoyed playing football for my departmental team, working out project ideas was still my passion.

During this time I made projects for fun and leisure, electronic voting machine for our departmental elections, fastest finger first systems for quiz competitions in college gathering etc. These projects only served to aggravate my thirst for electronic system design.

With the completion of my Bachelor course, I decided to go for a post graduate degree in Electronics engineering. Successfully clearing the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam with 98.02 percentile marks helped me in receiving a scholarship of about 2500$; sponsored by Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry of Indian Government; for my post graduation studies. Assiduous goal orientation kept me focused on to the goal of implementing novel ideas that boggled me while making projects in the master's course.

In one of such event, while listening to an expert lecture of Dr. Young Beom Cho of Konkuk University, Seoul, I perceived a notion about some lesser known facts about error control coding theory in communication systems. Dr. Cho mentioned about Low Density Parity Check Codes which were destined to change the face of wireless communication.

He also stated the challenges currently encountered by researchers. It was interesting noting that, with proven superiority over any other system known till date, LDPC codes were practically ignored for past 30 years. Of lately a major work is being proposed and being done in this area. These facts about LDPC almost immediately engrossed me with eagerness to work out something interesting if not novel.

Taking the task as a challenge I drew my path of motion. "Don't pray for lighter burden, but pray for stronger backs". Though tumbling on some occasions, my hard work paid off. My work on LDPC was widely appreciated.

Encouraged by many authoritarians working in the field of VLSI design, and Error Control Coding, I wrote some technical papers that were published in various National Journals. It is this ground work and encouragement that tempts me to proceed further in the direction of carrying out my PhD in the field of LDPC codes.

I plan to carry out my Ph. D. in the field of Low Density Parity Check Codes. I would particularly work on developing new algorithms which will make LDPC practically implementable. This will be instrumental in making systems for next generation wireless communication technology and 4th generation mobile application.

Exploring the mathematics involved I will try to find out new possibilities of hardware implementation. In this process, an international doctorate will groom me intellectually, embellish my knowledge, bring prosperity in terms of wealth of knowledge and would make me a ladder of success for others to climb contributing to evolution of my country and human society as a whole.

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"Enjoy the company of tools"

"Enjoy the company of tools" Nice one mate.

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