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Chemistry is fascinating. The ability to manipulate chemical reactions, bending them to our will, truly demonstrates humanity's triumph over nature and the destruction of an evolutionary ceiling that held us back for millennia.

The pioneers of chemistry provided us with the building blocks used to construct society as we know it; it is the duty of future generations to compound these principles, further refining and improving the efficacy of vital chemical processes. My ambition to better humanity, as well as an overwhelming fascination with the field, has propelled me towards a career in Chemical Engineering.

Through extensive research, I am 100% confident that a career in Chemical Engineering is suited for me. By viewing public lectures on topics such as applied fluid mechanics and reaction kinetics, I obtained an appreciation of the factors a chemical engineer needs to consider when designing an efficient system.

Furthermore, taster courses at LSBU and the University of Brighton have allowed me to gain hands-on experience, as well as the opportunity to discuss thoroughly with experts in the field, which further reinforced my passion for Chemical Engineering.

While not directly related to engineering, the work experience I completed in the microbiology lab of the University of Brighton gave me an insight into the operation of a professional scientific facility, facilitating collaboration with others in the lab, enhancing my communication skills and demonstrating the importance of cooperation when completing a task.

Following my experience in the dental technician lab of Lambeth College, I built up an understanding of the complex safety procedures that must be followed around equipment and an in-depth grasp as to how said equipment functions (e.g. pneumatic conveying of pumice for sanding); it is due to my enthusiasm for these feats of engineering that I am pursuing Chemical Engineering as a career and wish to study the mechanics of industry further.

When I acquire a degree in Chemical Engineering, I hope to maximize resource longevity by designing efficient systems, while researching fuel alternatives and how they may reduce environmental impact. I look forward to learning how the fundamentals of STEM principles can be implemented in real-world situations.

My A levels have qualified me for a position in Chemical Engineering by consistently challenging me with a plethora of demanding problems. The education I secured in Maths and Physics considerably advanced my interest in the physical world, spurring me into researching topics such as wave-particle duality and entropy.

Chemistry's methodical nature immediately resonated with me, as did the sheer diversity of solutions to a single problem, allowing my imagination to run wild, developing my 'outside of the box' thinking.

Despite science-heavy A-level choices, I try to maintain a healthy balance between school, charity and social life. For example, I am an active member of the Homewood basketball team, participating in sessions twice a week, and mentoring the under 15s team.

The experience gained from participation has been invaluable in my development as a person, teaching me confidence, patience, and perseverance in the face of defeat.

Additionally, through involvement in the National Citizen Service, my team and I raised over £900 for Sands - a charity dedicated to the aid of families impacted by neonatal death.

We achieved this via an overwhelmingly successful fete; the weeks of planning with my group made the event truly special, while also imparting team-leading experience and developing my organisational and time management skills.

I believe that the skills I have obtained (and continue to develop) through study, super-curricular activities, and work experience will allow me to rise to any academic challenge and embrace opportunities to develop my skills further in undergraduate Chemical Engineering.

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