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Since I was young I have always had a keen interest in the way that the things around me work. From marvelling at the telephone to how planes can fly, engineering advances have never failed to captivate me.

For this reason, I have always tried to find out how such things function, and about how they have had an impact on the society we live in today. Coupled with the fact that I have always enjoyed the logical and problem-solving processes involved in maths and physics, I decided several years ago to embark on a career in engineering.

Since then, I have endeavoured to find out as much about engineering as possible. I researched the great engineers such as Brunel, and discovered the great works they had completed.

I have attended several engineering conferences, the most recent of which I was selected to speak live on radio about my experiences. And once I had completed several weeks' worth of work experience, I was assured that it was the career that I wanted to pursue.

This summer, I took part in the Nuffield Bursary scheme for a month, working in a team, at Aerogistics Ltd. Our project was to analyse and implement a new system for the distribution of consumable materials to the individual departments within the company. We found the current system to be highly inefficient and after much data gathering and thought, presented our findings to the senior managers of the company who agreed with our ideas.

The last week was spent starting the implementation of these ideas. I found the experience to be highly challenging, yet rewarding especially as it led to me gaining a Gold Crest Award. I also found it useful as I got to see engineers at work and the daily problems that they face.

I learnt that there is a lot more to being a good engineer than possessing technical competence, although this is undoubtedly important; team work, communication and leadership skills are vital as well.

I have also recently been selected to complete two placements with army engineers. One of these placements will focus on the more practical side of engineering while the other will focus on the skills needed by a professional engineer focussing on project planning and leadership. I hope to find the experience useful.

In my spare time I like to play sport and music. In secondary school I was captain for the Netball and Football teams, as well as taking part in various other sports. The experience of this greatly improved my team working abilities as well as my fitness.

As a keen musician I am working towards my grade 5 theory and grade 7 practical on cello. I am a member of a Youth Orchestra, and have just recently completed a tour of Italy. I am also in the school orchestra and have led several orchestras in the past, before progressing to the LYO.

In school, I am Deputy Head Girl, helping to lead a team of over 40 prefects. I find this to be a challenging and stimulating role and believe it has developed my confidence immensely. As well as carrying out the normal duties of a prefect, such as supervising younger students, I must lead and manage the other prefects.

My role involves arranging rotas, organising after school events such as the Year 7 social and parent's evenings and public speaking as well as other responsibilities, which have developed my communication, organisation and leadership skills immensely.

The role requires a lot of commitment, but it has helped to improve my time management, as I try to strike a balance between it and school work, which is my main priority. I have also been selected to compete in the Physics Olympiad and have been entered for the Biology Advanced Extension.

During my time at university I hope to gain a good degree, which will stand me in good stead for when I enter the world of work. I would like to continue my education in a place where I can thrive both academically and socially, and where I can put my determination and motivation into good use. Thank you.

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This personal statement was written by bourbon for application in 2007.

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It's a bit typical, but it got me 6 offers.


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Where did you get accepted?

Where did you get accepted?

hey what you mean

what you mean

where are all the NORMAL

where are all the NORMAL people???

i reallt lyk it...

i reallt lyk it...
u got 6 offers???in which unis'???

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