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My ambition to pursue my chosen discipline commenced when I laid eyes on the beautiful antique engineering of the Romans in my year 2 History class. As a youthful person, my family used to travel around London enabling me to discover fascinating structures.

The beauty of buildings has under no circumstances been the end product but the design and manufacturing process, used to erect breath taking pieces of architecture like the Taj Mahal. The refined ability to be able to covert simple electrical signals into capturing ornate structures and forms is what truly attracted me to study architecture.

Throughout my A levels, I’ve gained a better understanding of STEM and art; separate matters but interlinked to create masterpieces, inspiring me to apply for architectural engineering.

My attraction towards the field of study is the problem-solving element, and this has resulted in my appreciation for mathematics. I demonstrated this when I achieved a silver award in the UK maths challenge 2017 and my daily volunteering as a maths tutor for the lower years in my school.

I eagerly anticipate architectural engineering due to the transferable skills from mathematics, which will enable me to manipulate new equations from the lengthy list of architectural formulas, as well as the extensive usage of differentiation that can be used to calculate the curves for buildings and bridges like the London Eye and AcelorMittal Orbit.

I am confident I would be able to achieve this through my knowledge of mechanics and calculus. I have been working in Birchwood Granges care home (Avery) for almost a year now, to provide support for my family.

After working there for some time, I began realising the principles of architecture in the building’s this made structure and the material that made it suitable for those with dementia and other health conditions. This made me question, what could make the structure adaptable to them? My knowledge and understanding of BTEC science can help me find the answer.

The biology helps me to think of sustainable ways to develop and engineer structures, like biological processes being used in generative, or software guided us, while Chemistry is fundamental for maximising performance, efficiency and durability. As well as understanding how chemistry can enhance material function and features.

I am excited to use things like nanotechnology in chemical development to enhance buildings. I favour Physics over the other sciences, as it enables me to see my design and technology product designs from a realistic view, for example how I had to utilise my extensive knowledge of forces and load analysis to balance a vast hexagonal prism on a narrow beam.

Design technology remains a subject that has materially aided my practical knowledge of architectural engineering. It has a strong grounding in the course and has a good practical approach that I can implement in architectural design, such as architectural CAD design programs, and technical drawing skills that I have used in a number of designs like plans, elevations, isometric, axonometric and perspective projections that are used daily in the engineering industry.

I have dedicated vast amounts of time in sketching designs of large-scale projects. I have also spent time learning design packages and have even achieved certificates in them. This is a demonstration of my passion for architecture and my desire to pursue it in university.

During secondary school, I have excelled in basketball, leading my institute to win the borough cup as captain. In sixth form, I worked as an assistant coach boosting the team morale and organising training proactively.

This highlights my trait as an industrious leader and the fact that I always work diligently. My inquisitive and tenacious nature combined with my keen mind for solving problems has allowed me to decide that this field of engineering is the one that I will surely succeed and I look forward to tackling the forthcoming challenges.

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