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My interest in technology began at a young age when I became curious about how the television worked. I didn't believe there were tiny people inside, as explained by my father, and with other appliances like the radio, I found myself eager to understand how they functioned.

I was particularly intrigued by the less tangible concepts like electricity and signals, and inquiring about such things increased my awareness of the technology around me. As a result, I have taken a keen interest in technology and its application in the modern world.

I began researching robotics after watching the movie Iron Man in 2008 that explored robotics, applied in bio-enhancement and notably flight. Though unrealistic for the most part, it was an eye opener to the field which is relatively unexplored.

Finding out about robots like ASIMO and DER2 really inspired me to delve into this engineering field; ASIMO has the best walking motion in any robot ever, and the smoothness of DER2's body movements and facial expressions is absolutely astonishing.

ASIMO in particular impressed me as I found out it maintained balance by shifting its weight in response to turning moments at different points in its anatomy. I studied moments in maths and physics and this was the first major application I saw of a subject I learnt.

Robotics is in its very early stages and requires a lot of research and development to be on par with the likes of aviation or automobile engineering. It poses a fresh engineering challenge as it requires the synergy of fields like mechanical and electronic engineering, and by studying this course I hope to contribute to robotics.

Key aspects like automation are studied in-depth within the systems and control module, which is vital for robots in making human interaction minimal. Methods of control are studied and assessed, involving the use of algorithms in programming different tasks and commands.

Algorithms particularly interest me as I studied matrices in further mathematics, and I hope to explore its use in programming and CAD. Many other useful subjects like materials and mechanics are studied, therefore providing a solid base for a future in robotics.

I am a very keen mathematician and have taken part in the UKMT mathematics challenge since year 10, achieving a Silver Certificate in last year's competition. My interest in the subject has aided my understanding of physics and should support study at degree level.

Sports-wise, I am a very keen player; through year 10 and 11, I played badminton, basketball and practiced judo. I play football more regularly now for my school team and started kickboxing last year, which I have practiced every week since.

During my GCSEs, I had a work placement at Spence, Harris and Hogan (SHH), an architectural and interior design Company. I worked with a team on ideas for a major design project and had to think critically to assess the ideas brought up.

For example, while planning the master bedroom, we had to consider the range of colours and artwork to be used, comparing with the types and angle of lighting available. We evaluated the contrast of all these components, working out what bits went well together based on the effects and emotions they conveyed.

It was thoroughly challenging and enjoyable, and helped me appreciate the aesthetic values of creation whilst learning the essence of teamwork, extensive planning and hard work, all of which are important for any successful business.

I am very keen to learn the art of robotics, and hope to make a mark in this world in the way of robots that would be helpful in diverse ways; for use in search and rescue for instance, or aiding fire-fighters and excavation teams after disasters. I am very passionate about robotics and it motivates to study this course.

I really hope that by accepting me in your university, it serves as a catalyst to achieving my goal in life as a renowned robot researcher and designer.

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This personal statement was written by puffy261 for application in 2010.

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Not well writen, I dont feel it portrayed my skills or personality that well, there's so many bits I would definitely change if i could. Having said that my aim was to show how my interest in robotics motivates me to study mechanical engineering, and it seemed logical to write more about the engineering aspect, and not how many countries i've been to or life experiences i've had, So I dont really regret it.


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Iron Man? Really?!

Iron Man? Really?!

your a douche

your a douche


Last part sounds a bit desparate and repetitive

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