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The interest I have in engineering started with my fascination in Science. While I was growing up, it has always been my desire to be involved in a scientific project; and when the opportunity came, I did not let it go to waste. In Singapore, my science research partner and I presented our project on Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes Water Purifier to Nobel Prize winners.

The project was more than a nanotechnological twist to a water purifying system - it unveiled the basic skills of an engineer that I have within me: of being creative and innovative, of being able to work as a team and of being able to communicate and present ideas coherently.

Professor Jerome Friedman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1990, was impressed with the innovative approach I applied in the project and without any doubt; I am convinced that career in engineering defines me.

I consider myself to be fortunate to not let geographical boundaries prevent me from my pursuit for knowledge, but I believe what is even more fortunate is to have an expert in the engineering industry for a father to be able to ask and discuss on engineering breakthroughs such as the generation of clean energy from osmosis in Norway.

I have gained insightful work experience at my father's engineering firm, MTD Capital Berhad, where I had the opportunity to apply my studies in Physics to understand the applications of pressure and damping in machines.

It was captivating to witness how engineers from different fields collaborate on a construction site to solve problems, and I certainly feel that I can adapt well to a working environment that requires teamwork.

Besides, the commitment shown by engineers in maintaining safety standards in projects has made me realise the importance of pioneering new techniques and keeping up with the latest innovative ideas to deal with greater problems in the future.

Apart from my science project, my active participation in engineering-related activities has constantly spurred my enthusiasm for engineering. In the Mighty Minds Challenge, I successfully applied the Laws of Conservation of Energy to complete a given task.

Through this, I discovered that resourcefulness is truly a quality to be admired among engineers, especially when designing ingenious solutions to problems without jeopardising safety and environmental aspects.

A robotics competition I recently participated in taught me how to think analytically like an engineer. Not just that, I obtained valuable hands-on experience in and exposure to designing and programming, which I believe will be advantageous later in my engineering course.

I am confident that my A-Level studies will equip me with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in engineering. Physics, which is my favourite branch of science, continues to fascinate me with the principles and theories that define the scientific laws of the universe.

Economics gives me a sense of appreciation to the business environment that engineers work in. Mathematics, on the other hand polishes my thinking skills, which I put to good use in Further Mathematics when solving more challenging questions.

I am active not just inside classrooms, but outside as well. I enjoy playing rugby as much as I love playing the drums.

Rugby taught me how discipline can be applied in life, from performing in my school orchestra to living independently in a boarding school. Being a good team player has allowed me to be a good team leader.

An achievement that documents my leadership ability is my high school magazine, in which I was entrusted as the Editor in Chief. The whole experience taught me the importance of accepting ideas from others and how to manage time efficiently; two values which will be essential in my career.

I am inspired, motivated and determined to pursue engineering in the UK, with a belief that the interest which started from a simple science project will turn into an undying passion and a lifelong profession.

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The interest I have in engineering started with my fascination in Science. While I was growing up, it has always been my desire to be involved in a scientific project; and when the opportunity came, I did not let it go to waste...


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