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Modern life is almost wholly dependent on engineering. It is everywhere and it is always changing, and it is this in particular which attracts me to civil engineering.

I hope that in this field I can combine my knowledge and skills in physics and maths, two subjects which particularly interest me, and also work in an area which is both diverse and exciting.

I am attracted to the prospect of a job which enables me to shape the world around me for the future and make a difference to people’s lives. Whilst I anticipate a challenging and demanding career, I also expect it to be very rewarding, especially when I can see projects I have worked on being built from start to completion.

I first encountered civil engineering during work experience with a local firm in October 2003. Whilst there, I was inspired by the opportunity to apply my existing skills to real-life problems, and as a result decided to participate in the Engineering Education Scheme.

As part of a team of five, I worked closely with qualified engineers on a railway embankment stabilisation project, and relished the chance to become fully involved in an actual engineering problem from start to finish. I experienced project management and report writing and gained invaluable team-working, time-management and presentation skills, producing a report which was commended by a number of senior engineers.

Following this I attended a Headstart course at Heriot Watt University, and also visited Fairfield Mabey, where I saw ongoing work on various bridges, both in the design office and on site. During the summer I was interviewed by Costain and subsequently offered a Building Awareness Sixth Form Scholarship for my academic achievements and keen interest in civil engineering.

In March 2004 I was one of thirty students selected to participate in a five-day maths and physics event at Oxford University, and this Easter I also attended a maths course at Leeds University. At both of these I enjoyed developing my problem-solving ability and adapting my knowledge to new and challenging situations beyond the scope of my schoolwork.

At Leeds I found I was not attracted to the more theoretical approach of studying maths and preferred problems relating to real-life situations, particularly a lecture on the instability of London’s Millennium Bridge, and I hope that this is something I can continue to enjoy throughout my engineering career.

I am currently working towards my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, in which I particularly enjoy the challenge of planning and undertaking the expeditions, and the sense of achievement afterwards.

As part of the award I have set-up and run my school’s first sixth form netball team, further utilising my team-working and organisational skills. I am working towards the European Computer Driving Licence in order to extend my IT skills, and I am also a Young Leader at a local Guide Unit, where I enjoy working with the girls and motivating them to acquire new skills.

Last October I was one of twenty Guides and Scouts who participated in the 12th International Space Olympics in Moscow, achieving one of the highest non-Russian scores in the competition’s history. This involved exams and a group presentation, and through research and preparation for these I was able to extend my knowledge of maths and physics into new, more advanced areas.

Through my experiences I am already beginning to appreciate the diversity which civil engineering will offer, and I hope to build on this by securing a work placement next summer as well as sponsorship for my degree. I have enjoyed my time at school and now look forward to the challenge of university and to a varied and exciting career in civil engineering.

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This personal statement was written by lisa_2k for application in 2006.

lisa_2k's university choices
Cambridge University
The University of Durham
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
The University of Warwick
The University of Nottingham
The University of Manchester

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Red: no offer made

MEng Engineering at Cambridge University

lisa_2k's Comments

Used this PS to apply for 3 civil engineering courses and 3 general ones. Must have worked cos I came out with 6 offers


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Great- puts mine to shame

Great- puts mine to shame

by senay

this cool let's keep helping each other

civil engineering

applying to uni to do civil engineering and i really need help to write a neat PS.

Regarding PS...


Remember, when constructing your PS, it may be a good idea to reflect on your mathematical skills. For example, within the PS, identify your mathematical experience - that doesn't include General Mathematics.

My GF's friend works within the universities Admission Centre and stated "the markers like to see the potential student reflect on their mathematical experiences"...


first paragraph states the

first paragraph states the obvious, failed to mention who you are going to "secure a work placement with" which gives it a poor start and finish, apart from that its quite good

i really like this personal

i really like this personal statement, it looks and sounds good, well done, glad u got into ur 1st choice...

helps being sorta way

helps being sorta way intelligent but this is a damn good ps.

I am so jealous of the

I am so jealous of the content. How can I compare without utterly lying about my achievements?


Hmmm, you think the

Hmmm, you think the university read this statement or just looked at the AAAAA this girl most likely had!

I've seen much better personal statements!!

Nice, very nice!

Nice, very nice!



i am still trying to come out with one like this
great job

daniel swain

god your bloody brill:P i love you

lisa 2k, what were your a

lisa 2k, what were your a-level grades?

Absolutely blooody fanstastic

Absolutely blooody fanstastic.
After reading that and re-reading mine I have definitely realised that mine is absolutely bloody crap

WOW. Very nice. u hve done so

WOW. Very nice. u hve done so much around the subject before u even started uni. I however, hve done nothing cause i am lazy, so i hve got nothing much to write about. NOOO!!

did u have to do any

did u have to do any interviews

Univerisities dont always

Univerisities dont always want someone like this 'perfect' student with her 5 A's. they want people who have lives outside their work aswell, and people who are not wholly obsessed with what thier doing. well balanced people is what their looking for!

well done

Congrats... you have ruined all hope of me getting an education anywhere other than the bloody adult learning centre... but seriously, good job 5*


Get a life mate!!


This is a really good one. I think its funny to see the comments like:

"Univerisities dont always want someone like this 'perfect' student with her 5 A's. they want people who have lives outside their work aswell, and people who are not wholly obsessed with what thier doing. well balanced people is what their looking for!"

There just jealous ;)

I like this personal

I like this personal statement help me construct my personal statement..nice

really good statement, i

really good statement, i picked up many tips from it. Thank you.

plz help me to write a nice

plz help me to write a nice ps

European Computer Driving

European Computer Driving Licence!? Fresh out of school and can't use a computer, gets into Cambridge eek.

its not that good I guess you

its not that good I guess you got accepted because of your A's :O

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