Electrical and Electronic Engineering Personal Statement Example 2

Having thoroughly enjoyed A level Mathematics and Physics, I would like to further my studies with a degree course that combines these subjects.

My Further Mathematics at A level course has helped me develop the confidence to tackle more chalalaging questions analytically. Whilst A level Chemistry and Computing have increases my basic knowledge in related subjects and will definitely assist me in future studies

I am currently interested in Electrical and Electronic Engineering which I have pursued through my work experience in London.

During the summer I did work experience with The Cellular Investment Company. The company is one of the most successful firms working in the field of mobile communications in Africa, Far-East and South America. This was a valuable experience for the course at University

Both my parent are science/engineering professionals and they taught me some of the qualities needed for a degree course in the field of electric and electronic engineering. This has encouraged me to find out the opportunities available

Outside college, I am a very keen mathematician and have been awarded 2 gold and a silver awards in the last three consecutive UK National Maths Challenge, which is an annual event organised by the Leeds University

I have been a Millennium Volunteer for the last 8 months and I am currently volunteering at Rathbone, at the Merrion Centre in Leeds.

I send 2-4 hours every Tuesday and Wednesday helping people from all over Leeds to achieve all sorts of computing experience from GNVQ's to New Deal Diploma's

I have also just finished my second term as a tutor with Leeds United Football Club. I usually spend two hours a week at Elland Road, helping Key Stage 3 pupils develop their basic skills in literacy, numeracy and IT.

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I think that this is a short

I think that this is a short personal statement.

it should be "i spend 2-4

it should be "i spend 2-4 hours"...not "i send 2-4 hours"...y would you have such errors in a personal statement

i'v nevr, rededed soooooo

i'v nevr, rededed soooooo manyy mistkes in A so call'ed statment be4.

jheeeeeees if what hes claim

jheeeeeees if what hes claim is true BOY!!!!!...it is remarcable


u what? tutor at leeds u said..since when did that post come into football matey?

Oh Really.

You Just made ME feel like nothin, i mean i am good at Maths and Sciences but good lord you are "remarkable" like everyone else said, if all that is actually true bout you. All i do is go to college, do my thing and chill with mates after! my statement is gonna be so lame! Ah haha

how sad

Its quite sad that you feel too good to use a little time to check spelling and grammar misakes. As for engineers being poor at literacy, I am a qualified engineer and im not all that poor at spelling correctly, or grammar.

By the way, if someone is helping out in KS3 literacy you should expect them to be able to get their personal statement correct. Though I reckon the real reason for all of this is probably closer to simply giving people ideas of what to write. Maybe the mistakes will encourage others to get theirs right.....

good work

good for me as a guide to write a better one.engineers are known to be grammatically not too good...thanks

Ive read this once and its

Ive read this once and its full of mistakes.

hi mr meticulous ;no joke

hi mr meticulous ;no joke intended' iam planning to study electrical/electronics engineering next year,but as a matter of urgency what are the basic skills i must possess to excel at undergraduate level.Do i need to be well rounded in tech/drawing?


I value the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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