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Engineering deals with different aspect of our life such as design, construction, and built environmental. In this modern world, roads, bridges, railways, sewage works and power station all supply today’s society, and without them, world would be very different. It is also a profession that is growing and evolving at the fast pace.

Civil engineering plays a major role in the world meeting and in the high demand for new buildings and infrastructure improvement. I am interested to take civil engineering as my major, and I believe that my decision will surely influence my future. It would strongly enrich my future studies and help me in my career prospective.

Mathematics and physics are the most important subject when taking civil engineering. Since I was child, matemathics has always been my favourite subject.

Deriving simple formulas into something complicated ones is what truly seperates mathematics from any other subjects. In a constant research of challenges and questioning without being certain how the solution will emerge, are the key on my interest in mathematics.

Apart from these, I am captived with physics that can apply into real life problems, allowing me to use a formula and a basic theory to the working world.

Furthermore, I have undertook a working experience in contruction field. I got it from my father company which is definitely suitable for my civil experience. I have observed and learnt about the contruction of buildings, it requires method of appropriate development plans.

Outside school, I challenge my self to become an active part of my community. Therefore, I joined St. Rafael Acolyte, and became the leader of the organisation. I learned a lot of things, such as how to meet people, how to manage time, and how to take decisions.

In my spare time, I practice basketball, and I joined local competitions and this has developed my talent to perform as a team player.

Finally, I can say that my ambition to study abroad has definitely become a realistic option for me, and Hongkong University Of Science and Technology is definitely one of the best option to study. And this is why I choose HKUST; it is dynamic and has global programmes.

This choice will provide me an opportunity to become not only as a great engineer, but also a great leader. In addition, HKUST is a great place for collegers to get comfortable life and to enjoy university life. For its sport’s facilities, it is also well known that HKUST has a lot of options.

I believe that balancing these activities alongside with my student responsibilities will provide me positive aspects in the future. As a result, while talking with my senior classmates who study at HKUST, life at this university goes far beyond studying, this place is for them a treasure of knowledge and friendship.

To sum up, I would like to use what I have learnt in civil engineering in my life. My long term goal with this degree is to work in a company that build large scale projects. Then again, all of which can be possible if I am given the opportunity to study at HKUST.

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