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The height of buildings, structures and natural occurring phenomenon has always put me in a state of awe. The first memory of such a moment occurred when I first viewed the Kaieteur Falls in my country of birth, Guyana which has the title of "largest single drop waterfall".

At 741 ft or 226 m the sight of such a spectacle dazzled my mind. There are not many natural sights around that can be compared to the Kaieteur Falls so the next best things were buildings.

Man's desire to be more godlike and emulate nature's height and spectacle like the Kaieteur Falls with the creation of buildings in places such as Canary Wharf were more than a suitable substitute to keep my interests alive.

Overtime my interest in buildings and the way they are built matured to not only take into consideration basics such as height and size but also to pay closer attention to the smaller details.

A perfect example of such a building where every part and function of the building plays a critical role is the Olympic Stadium in Beijing, China also know as "The Bird's Nest" due to its outward appearance. The actual building had to match its original concept model to the exact same specified degrees that were associated with the twists in its beams or else to building would not have been a success.

Within structural and civil engineering is the ability to create unique situations and designs which is one of the many attributes that attracts me to the subject. "The Bird's Nest" again acts as my reference.

In order to create a metal that would be able to twist and turn in the way needed to fit the design as well as provide the strength so that the stadium could stand upright while providing enough sway to deal with possible earthquakes engineers and scientist had to create a new variant of steel that suited their specifications.

This level of uniqueness I can associate with as I try to be unique and different in my social life and personal life.

From the start of my second year of college I have been working part-time as a Customer Service Assistant at Sainsbury in Whitechapel.

Over time my responsibilities at work have grown, with that my abilities to organise, delegate, improvise and compromise have developed while my decision making skills have grown to match that of a typical everyday work force environment.

Sainsbury's Whitechapel is the busiest store in terms of customers per hour within the Sainsbury's company. Between the hours of 9am to 2pm I am generally in charge of my department and I am responsible for the maintenance and setting up the department for the day.

This can mean anything from dealing with customer request, allocating work schedules for other colleagues and signing legal documents. This experience has served me well in providing me with situations that provide practical and "out of the box" methods of thinking.

In preparation for this course my father who is an architect has given me the AutoCad software to help me get used to some of the tools used within the industry. He is also slowly taking me throw how the software works in terms of designing buildings, with the view that it will help me grasp the concept of designing buildings and what is needed to make them "work".

Outside of my academic life I enjoy playing cricket, basketball and golf. Cricket however is my passion, I started playing for my secondary school eventually captaining the school from year 9 until I left. While at secondary school I started playing for my borough Hackney, and was then highlighted to play for London.

Through my cricketing connections I was introduced into the world of coaching, as a result I have acquired and introductory Level 1 coaching in cricket, a Level 1 coachiing qualification in Badminton and UK level 1 Sports Leadership award.

By going to university I aim to successfully complete this degree which will provide me with the skills needed in order to have longevity in my career as an civil engineer.

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its rubbish


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