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Throughout my 5th and 6th years at Nairn academy my interest in maths and physics has developed greatly. I thoroughly enjoyed these 2 higher subjects and I am now studying both at advanced higher. In particular, the Mechanics topic of the physics has grabbed my attention and I scored top of my class in our last test with 95%.

These subjects have always fascinated me as I use my problem solving skills to their best. I have attained the maths and physics awards for every year at academy. I also studied chemistry at higher level, which increased my knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

I would love to continue my study of the world's mechanics into higher education where I would have much more difficult and intricate studies, both theoretical and practical.

I have put much effort and time into researching university courses and university life and have attended several open days. Just a few days ago my physics class was taken on a school trip to Aberdeen University where we attended a couple of lectures and a couple of practical experiments studying wave-particle duality.

Also 6th year at academy has given me a taster of university life as in attending a class where I take down notes then learning the topic and completing questions in my own time. I have also been doing my best to complete all homework on time and to the highest possible standard in all my subjects.

Using my mathematical skill, I have been able to work with my father on statistical analysis assignments over the past few years.

My father is a mathematics teacher and works on survey breakdown in his spare time. This involves data input from questionnaires into a computer spreadsheet (usually Microsoft Excel) and then breaking the results down into percentages, averages, graphs and any other results needed.

Then the results are all joined together into one report. This gave me a chance to use skills I learned in school to complete a real life task and also to earn money.

Music plays an important role in my life and I spend a lot of time listening, playing and writing it. I have been playing guitar for 6 years and I am currently studying for an SQA performing unit in guitar at advanced higher level. I play a very wide range of genres like Jazz, Blues, Metal, Rock, Acoustic, and Flamenco.

I have recently become a big fan of progressive music where it is all very complexly written with many time signature changes, tempo changes and odd scales. I enjoy the intricacy of the song writing and the effort required to learn or write these kinds of songs.

I play in 2 metal bands at the moment both on lead guitar. I am the main songwriter in each of the bands and I am very dedicated to practicing and making each band as tight as possible. I spend a lot of time trying to promote the highland music scene by organising and advertising local concerts.

Using basic electronic skills I learn in physics I have been able to repair my electric guitar and amp on multiple occasions, which again has encouraged my learning by its practical uses. I also have been playing the euphonium for 5 years and play in the school brass band.

Walking is another of my interests and I am often up on hill walks around the Scottish Munroes. About 4 times a week I will walk to or from my home village of Auldearn to school in Nairn, which is about 4.5miles.

To study at university level offers great opportunities for me, in career and enjoyment, and I am sure that I have the skill and dedication to succeed.

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This personal statement was written by opethloyalist for application in 2009.

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This statement was for scottish highers and entry into the scottish universities rather than A-levels.

my higher results were:
Maths - A
Music - A
Physics - B
Chemistry - B
English - B

I maybe could of done a bit better if i wasnt smashed all the time round about the exam period, the B in physics will haunt me for ever but im not too bothered about the others.

The universities applied for were:

Edinburgh university - Mathematics (pure) - unconditional
Edinburgh university - Mechanical Engineering - unconditional
Strathclyde university - AeroMechanical Engineering - no reply yet
HeriotWatt university - Robotics & Cybernetics Engineering - no reply yet

I really hated writing a personal statement but i feel i did the best i could. The opening statement could of been better, i originally had a longer version of it but had to cut it down due to the character restrictions. It was a little bit difficult to word it to account for a mathematics course aswell as mechanical / aero-mechanical / robotics and cybernetics engineering courses aswell.


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