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For some people motorsport is a kind of madness, but for me it is passion. It started in my childhood while I was watching rallies with my father, and also watching him take part in amateur off road races. As a child, cars and racing were always my love, but I could not understand what really appealed me to all those.

While I was growing up, I realised that motorsport is something more than a hobby, it is a way of life and this is what I want to be occupied with, in the future.

Currently, I am an undergraduate of the Automation and Control Systems Engineering course in Greece. My plan is a Masters degree in Motorsport in the UK. Studying abroad has been a desire for years. It will be a challenge for me as I am an international student, but it is a motivation to strengthen my knowledge in an organized and efficient educational system. It is a chance to live in a foreign country, meet new people, make new friends and, why not, have an opportunity to build a future career.

And this is why I have chosen Brunel Motorsport Engineering course. It has a variety of modules, allowing a multidiscipline field to work on. This alongside with its contacts, I hope will increase the chances of following my dream job.

I believe I can cope with this course because I am currently studying in a multidiscipline technical department which has motorsport related subjects such as Electronics, Control Systems and CAD design. In addition, my teammate and I have shared our common passion for cars and have completed our thesis project based on a vehicle. It is a remote controlled autonomous navigation rover developed in cooperation with two other colleagues.

Occupation with vehicles is quite significant for me because having your hobby as a job is one of the targets of my life. So far, I have worked as an assistant mechanic in a local garage for the summer months between the academic years.

My main responsibilities were the repairing of damaged parts and the completion of the service history book. It was a valuable experience as I had to face a different situation every time. Another challenging job in my list is a salesman position in a fish shop. There I learnt how to effectively communicate with the customers in order to buy our products and what it is like to work under pressure.

Furthermore, every year I do voluntary work in rally organizing with our local motor club. I assist in time control stations, and sometimes I have responsibility for the correct positioning of the spectators. It is something that requires organizational and planning skills. After getting my degree, I intend to find a job in a garage or a professional rally team to further enhance my work experience.

Fixing, repairing things and DIY are some of my interests. Particularly, repairing the family car is my favourite avocation and what I enjoy the most. My main hobby is racing in Rally Raids. They are off road endurance events, in which the crew must navigate through an unknown route as fast as possible. In the last two years I have participated with my family 4x4 as an amateur in international races, including 24 hour events.

I love this kind of racing because it is highly competitive and requires much effort to balance a good result without damaging the car. It also asks for a strong relationship between the crew and a very trustful navigator. Other activities I am interested in are watching online races and making trips with friends to watch various motorsport events.

To sum up, I believe that I have the motivation and commitment to undertake this course. It would reinforce my skills and knowledge and give me the necessary background. So, it will be a positive contribution in seeking a favourable job.

I would like to follow a career in the motorsport industry, especially in racing teams, and I would be grateful if I were given this opportunity. Everything is possible with dedication and the right steps. I hope this course realizes my ambitions and makes my dreams come true.

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