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If I were to describe myself in one word, it would definitely be inquisitive. Since young, I have always been eager to know how things work and what the principles that lie within them are. Hence I have always enjoyed science-related subjects particularly Mathematics and Physics.

A glimpse of engineering subject offered in my primary school further exposed me to the knowledge of the operation of simple machinery and this has undoubtedly inspired me to cultivate skills and understanding in this area.

An occasional working opportunity at my uncle’s garage at age of 15 has given me hands-on exposure on car engines. I was impressed with the design and mechanical operation of car engines where it incorporated four valves per cylinder to allow more input of vaporised fuel mixture to generate more power.

This motivated me to pursue my uncle and his fellow workers for more information on the engine systems and thus developed my passion in engine design. Since then, I have established my ambition to become a mechanical engineer.

In order to broaden my knowledge in this area of expertise, I have done a lot of reading related to the field including "Invention by Design: How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing" and “Mechanical Engineering Design”.

I found the latter more interesting as it discussed the designs of various mechanical elements such as shafts, fasteners, springs, ball bearings, gears, belts, chains, and wire ropes. Besides, I have also read articles on few famous engineers, and of all, the one that inspires me the most is George Stephenson, the ‘Father of Railways’. I admire him for his contribution and also his noble value of striving for improvements.

However, I strongly believe that experience is the best teacher. So, I started engaging myself in related jobs after graduating from high school. Working as a part-time technician in a local fabrication company, named Hit-Tech, has allowed me to deal with lathes and drillers.

The experience was challenging but rewarding as I was able to work first-hand with mechanical engineers and learned to interpret engineering drawings. In addition, I also had an internship with IT Portlink, a trading company that supplies various port equipment including quay cranes, straddle carriers and RTGs. I was based on the assembling site located at Northport, Malaysia where I was assigned to work in maintenance and repair services of the equipment.

It was really an eye-opening experience which I would never get to learn through reading and this has escalated my desire to be a mechanical engineer.

I am aware that an excellent leadership and strong interpersonal skills are essential for an engineer to navigate big, complex projects in a company and leading teams to drive innovation. Thus I involved myself in AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization, in order to build my confidence and leadership. AIESEC has given me the opportunity to meet many individuals of various working backgrounds.

I am deeply inspired by their speeches of success during the conference and this has driven me to push myself to a higher level. In addition, participating in the AIESEC’s Local Leadership Development Camp (LLDS) has trained me to be more proactive and enabled me to express my thoughts more openly in public.

In college, I was also a member of the activities department of ALSCO, the A-levels students’ council. This has further improved my communication skills and teamwork. Meanwhile, I enjoy jogging and playing badminton during my spare time. I believe the balance of sports and studies is vital for general fitness.

I see myself as a committed and determined candidate to excel in mechanical engineering. I foresee myself contributing to the development of innovative machineries and designs in years to come. Thus I sincerely hope to be given an opportunity to further my studies with in this field where I strongly believe it will mark the beginning of my milestone to success in this area of expertise.

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