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Aircraft spotting! Watching all those planes open their landing gears, smoothly touching the ground while landing, the back wheels first, the plane being elevated in the front, and then eventually the front ones making contact with the ground, levelling the plane, with such elegance and fantastic beauty.

How can I not fall in love with aircrafts, with all their magnificence?

I realize that this magnificence is supported by technology which is intricate. Studying air crash investigations regularly on YouTube has provided detailed information on this.

The Air Asia crash in December 2014 demonstrated the importance of controlling the plane’s speed at the ‘coffin corner’.

The Air France disaster of 2009 in the difficult conditions of the inter-tropical convergence zone and the faulty information received from the frozen pedo tubes leading to pilot errors is another case I have learnt about.

Another film that I watched talked about acello tapeon pedo tubes-covered during maintenance and not being removed, before flying, giving rise to wrong information and hence another crash.

Air travel, we all know, is very safe but there is potential to improve the technology with interesting ideas and creativity and this is one key thing I love about this field of engineering.

Watching videos on new developments in technology have also provided great insight. A most recent admiration is the Boeing 787- 9 with its rapid takeoff capability which may soon become a commercial reality.

Efforts in the area of environment protection, by developing planes that have a higher fuel efficiency and lower pollution like the Boeing 777X,links very well with all the learning from my EVM classes in IGCSE.

Another area of significant interest has been on the attempt to develop real time surveillance of aircrafts in the air using iridium satellites. Maybe the world can avoid another Air Malaysia MH 370 mystery.

While travelling in planes I have often looked out of the window to stare at the infinite space beyond. This fascination led me to develop a web site on the solar system in my 5th grade by doing some research ( every available opportunity I have attempted to increase my knowledge in this field.

After completing my A level examinations I have now registered for a 86 hrs online program, MOOC, on introduction to aeronautical engineering offered by DelftX and will be completing this in the next 2-3 months.I have also just completed a 3hr Mini MOOC on the same subject.

I do have other interests as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in various acting and public speaking contests in school.

I beat senior students (of 9th and 10th grade) in my 8th grade to become the ‘speaker of the year’ in the elocution competition at my school.

The topic I had chosen for this was “happiness” which I feel is an inherent attitude that I have to life.In the 9th grade I also won a debate competition.

My role in a school drama was highly acclaimed by the audience including the director of the school who came to congratulate me personally. Such events have strengthened my confidence and taught me to remain calm under demanding situations.

Life however has not been smooth sailing as it may sound. My parentsdecided to migrate from Kenya, my birthplace, to India when I was is the 3rd grade and I had to take up the challenge of learning Hindi and Sanskrit , which were not offered in the Kenyan schools.

Later English itself became a challenge, when I decided to join the CIE board. I have had to attend 5 different schools in my 12 years of education due to various reasons. However, I have taken up the challenges with full determination and perseverance and have succeeded.

Now, I look forward to the new forthcoming challenge of moving to another different country for University education. I have crossed the hurdles in the past and I believe I have built a great internal strength to keep on succeeding in the future. So I am up for it!

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This is to help other students with their SOP's(statement of purpose). I received a lot of help from this website I just want to help students by providing a copy of my own SOP. I got conditionally accepted with my AS level grades into the university of Sheffield, The university of Manchester , The university of Liverpool(with pilot studies) , The university of Nottingham( year in industry ) and into The university of Swansea(year in industry ) for the Aerospace engineering programs that they had made available in their university. I will choose one of them based on my final A level grades


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