Civil Engineering Personal Statement Example 11

My romance with structures started a few years back when I first visited one of my father's construction sites with him.

The essence of building something to me is not only about the construction, it’s about the power. It’s about the extensive labor and massive machines at your discretion, i.e. with just one word, an entire town can be built, an entire city can be mapped down, an entire empire can be given birth. And with just one word, all can be demolished.

It is the dictatorial behest and agility to turn simple electrical signals into pieces of rococo art and marvels. This control and this very power to be in control and empower your mind and your artistic sense, what chizzes my ambition and interest towards construction and civil engineering.

Whenever I look at a structure, its facade never stimulates me. But what stimulates me, is the working and mechanism that governs the construction segment. I scrutinize the structure, paying particular attention to each individual part and analyze how a specific pillar or an arch augments to the overall beauty and stability of the building.

Recently, I have worked closely with my father paying frequent visits various construction sites. Although my role has mainly been that of an observer, but I have still have been successful to gain a lot of skills including public speaking and labor management. These skills I presume are essential for any aspiring entrepreneur.

The last two years have been very important for my personal development as I ventured into a lot of extracurricular activities both in and outside school. Expectations rose really when I was selected as the founding president of the schools science society S.A.W, Scientists At Work.

I matched the expectations equally by organizing an inter-house science quiz. The competition gathered tremendous response and proved to be in fact the most successful inter-house event of the year. I was also a part of the management team for the Farewell, SICAS Debating Championship and various versatile school events.

The experience really sharpened my managerial skills and taught me the art of time management and the ability to cope with pressure.

The Beconhouse Model United Nations held in Islamabad, was another highlight of my career. I had no prior experience of public speaking in contrast to the experienced delegates. I used to stammer at first, but a lot of practice and help from my team mates, enabled me to take part in the prestigious competition.

Although I did not win anything officially, but I was still able to win anything officially, but I won the confidence and the eagerness that had developed inside my later. I was a winner. I am currently enrolled in the delegation taking part at the LUMS Model United Nations scheduled to be held in November.

During the summer of 2006, I went to Kashmir to visit the camps of the October 2005 earthquake victims. This short trip which spanned for just a few days was the most rewarding one, spiritually. I plan to use my expertise in designing and construction, after gaining a degree to help design buildings which are earthquake resistant.

The prospect of studying in the UK excites me, as it would mean learning and more importantly, living in a multi-cultural atmosphere. UK boasts some of the top universities and top students in the world, and as the wise say, "To be the best, you have to beat the best”.

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