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I have always enjoyed and achieved highly in science and maths. I also appreciate problem solving and the feeling of achievement associated with the practical use of design and technology, which I studied to GCSE level.

Throughout the course I worked with materials including plastics, woods, and metals and designed and built various items including a table lamp and a propagator for germinating seeds.

I have been involved in various projects with my father, including erecting a pergola, a wooden shed and building a large brick shed at the bottom of the garden.

I also constructed a wooden chicken coop to my own design. These projects have given me an insight into dealing with building regulations and the need for planning, design and accurate measurement. I have gained experience in the use of building materials, taking both cost and physical properties into account.

Studying civil engineering at university will provide me the opportunity to further study the areas of science, maths, design and technology that I enjoy, as well as to gain many other skills.

Studying civil engineering will offer me a wide range of challenging and fulfilling career opportunities. I would like to apply for the foundation year, which after completion, will allow me to progress onto the civil engineering course.

I am particularly interested in how civil engineering skills can be applied with maximum benefit to society whilst having minimum impact on the environment.

I did two weeks work experience with a consultant paediatrician in ------- Hospital in ---------- during the Easter holidays of 2008. I also did two weeks work experience with a general dental practitioner in ----------------. Both of these experiences showed me the importance of communication skills, leadership and teamwork in the smooth running of an organisation.

After further consideration, I realised that I would not be happy in the healthcare profession and instead was drawn more towards civil engineering, which I feel is closer to my interests.

During the last two years, I have participated in the school's community action group, which involved weekly visits to a retirement home in -------- to organise a coffee morning for the elderly residents. We served tea and biscuits and provided company to those who attended. During the school's activities week in June I helped out in classes at the ------- School for children with special educational needs.

Outside school, I did voluntary work at St. Anne's Hospice charity shop on Saturday mornings. I have also received a certificate from Millennium Volunteers for completing 117 hours of voluntary work.

In school I am a silver prefect and am involved in the running of the ------ society. I enjoy languages and am learning ------- in my spare time. I attended a one month intensive ------ course in the summer holidays at the ----- centre in -------. I have attended a twenty hour weekend course by I to I on teaching English as a foreign language arranged by my school.

I am a keen gardener with an interest in permaculture. I grow fruit and vegetables in our back garden and also keep several hens. This has made us self sufficient in eggs and Jerusalem artichokes and gives a good crop of strawberries in the summer.

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This personal statement was written by johnjoe for application in 2009.

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Not the best personal statement in the world, being knocked up a week from the deadline, but it got all five offers, and I promised myself that if I got all five offers then I was going to put it on the internet, so here it is. Enjoy.


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