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Engineers play an integral part in everyday life. They are at the forefront of modern technology and also are at the pinnacle of innovation.

Engineering has taken major leaps in many sectors but most noticeably the aeronautics and mechanical sector. Robots are able to defuse bombs in war torn countries and robots are being designed that are able to perform lifesaving operations. All this wouldn’t have been possible without mechanical engineers.

Without mechanical engineering modern day cars wouldn’t have been possible to manufacture due to the high mechanisation of the car industry. I am fascinated by how technology always has a link to mechanical engineering as it is a constantly changing environment.

I am fascinated even more by mechatronics and would like to research autonomous vehicles and that is why I wish to pursue a course in mechanical engineering.

I am currently an A-level Maths, A-level Physics, A level Chemistry and AS Level Arabic. With my science and maths background I think I am well prepared for the course’s high Maths and Physics content. Some aspects which will covered in the course such as laws of motion I have already studied in Physics.

During my time working as a door to door fundraiser for UNICEF I was able to interact with all kinds of people and to be able to adjust to different attitudes and mannerisms. There was an incident where a resident opened her door and she was not happy to see me there. By smiling and being polite to her she felt reassured calmed down and ended up donating.

This is important because listening is an important skill one needs to have if I am to be successful at university. This is important and is an essential team working skill for university where group projects are common.

I have also done a placement at my local primary school where I was responsible for managing 23 children. My main responsibilities were counselling and managing the children during lunch time.

This has made me mature better as I was in a position of responsibility and also because the children were looking up to me as a role model therefore making me more conscious of my actions.

I currently volunteer at my local community centre FFOP where I am helping train the local community’s over 60 residents. It is not always explaining ICT concepts to them and therefore I have to be creative and come up with analogies for them.

An example of this would be trying to explain to them the implications of not having antivirus on a computer, so I would say that it would be like leaving the front door of your house open.

I have also learnt to be patient and that not everyone has the same understanding level. It also has developed me and matured me as an adult because some of the elder residents will sometimes confide in me and this gives me a sense of responsibility.

During my spare time I enjoy playing football at my local club where I am the team captain. My position enables me to give orders and to be tactically decisive. This has definitely made me more responsible because I know my actions have a direct consequence on the mind set and morale of my team.

It also helps build team working skills because I always discuss with my team the approach we are going to take before a game. I also partake in orienteering which has actually helped me to learn map reading skills and also basic navigation.

I also like to learn new languages and have taught myself Arabic and I am currently starting a course in beginners German. I can currently speak English, Somali and Arabic. I consider myself to be enthusiastic, devoted and diligent individual who takes pride in all his work which will help me in all my future work.

I set myself really high goals and take it upon myself to reach them. My life experiences have taught me to be patient and to remain enthusiastic regardless of the situation. The education system in the United Kingdom is of the highest calibre and will definitely open many doors me.

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This personal statement was written by Abdi Rage for application in 2012.

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The Manchester Metropolitan University
The University of Salford
The University of Manchester
Brunel University
The University of Sheffield

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I've tried my best, its been long since i last wrote a report or essay. slightly cheesy you might say but i dont care as long it gets me into uni.


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Good language and layout.

Good language and layout. Leave out the third paragraph, they will see on your UCAS what you are currently studying and it doesn't add much anyway.

Other than that it is good.

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