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Civil Engineering is vital to the modern world - as it has been since the beginning of human history. The scientific, mathematical and team-working challenges present in modern engineering have always fascinated me and from the beginning of my secondary education, and I have realised that I will always crave and enjoy such challenges.

My desire to command projects from drawings and numbers on a sheet of paper to awe-inspiring physical structures has been present ever since I took part in a school engineering project. It consisted of three teams of five students whose task was to design and build a mini-sculpture of a transport bridge which would later be tested and scrutinized by the task leaders.

My communication and leadership abilities were obvious from this project and I have been focused on improving them ever since. My desire and interest for engineering was further escalated as I watched day-by-day the construction of 30 St Mary Axe all the way to completion. My wonder that such a beautiful and complicated building could be constructed within the UK simply inspired me.

My ambition for the future is to become a fully qualified Civil Engineer and to work my way up in a large construction company to become a Project Manager. I have read many case studies of people who have achieved this and I am working hard in order to gain the skills and knowledge these successful engineers have.

I am currently studying Advanced Higher Mathematics and Higher Business Management because I believe these subjects can provide me with the essential skills and knowledge vital to a successful engineer. I very much enjoy mathematics - it being my most accomplished subject.

I have taken part in the Mathematics Challenge every year of my secondary education and have found each year's puzzle more exciting than the last. Completion of this year's challenge is therefore one of my targets for the coming year. In addition to this, I have also joined the Stirling High School Senior Mathematics Team and am eagerly awaiting the scheduled competitions against our neighbouring schools in the Central Region.

In my sixth year at school I have taken part in the Young Enterprise program and have managed to obtain the position of Finance Director, I have accomplished this through convincing the other members of my mathematical talent and interest. I often have long discussions with the Managing Director about the company's next moves and provide him with the financial data that I have collected.

I have also taken the initiative to set up a chess club in my school where I teach the junior members and some disabled students how to play chess, and for the students already able, I show them tricks and techniques in order to develop their skills as a player. I find this very rewarding and exciting as I can apply my communication and teaching skills to a hobby.

I have managed to build a relationship with the Large Property Developer 'Carronvale Homes'. I have informed them of my desire to be a civil engineer and so once a week I am granted access to talk to the Project Manager at a site near my home who gives me updates and insights into what is going on around the site that day.

I have found our interactions to be invaluable as they have provided me with an insight into what a day in the life of a Project Manager is like and has further escalated my ambition to be a civil engineer.

In addition to my school related commitments, I am currently working part time as a sales assistant at Homebase while I complete my studies. I enjoy working during very busy hours so I can challenge myself and further improve my communication skills whilst sustaining an acceptable level of service under enormous pressure.

Working within this environment has drastically improved my ability to work as an individual and as part of a small team and I hope to further improve these skills in the future.

My main hobby is playing the bagpipes both as a solo competitor and as part of a world championship winning pipe band. My father has the leading role as Pipe Major in the band but I am often relied upon to lead the 30-strong team in his absence. This allows me to test my communication and leadership skills simultaneously. I have trained since I was very young and have shown absolute commitment to my hobby for almost ten years.

I am absolutely committed to becoming a successful engineer and will work endlessly in order to achieve my goals.

I feel that university will be one of the most exciting and interesting times of my life and eagerly await the experiences which university life will provide for me.

I believe I am more than capable of achieving my aspirations through a series of short-term goals - perhaps the most significant of which is gaining entrance into university, which will provide me with the challenges and experiences any ambitious engineer should crave.

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I'm applying for: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling Universities. Lots of crit on this would be very helpful!


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