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My curiosity has always been intrigued by the feats of structural and civil engineering. How the structures built by engineers have been able to serve as a shelter, and in essence form the foundations of modern civilization. The thought and attentiveness required to be able to ensure a building withstands all sorts of harsh environments and doesn't undergo premature failure due to corrosion or erosion is fascinating and is a good indicator of an engineer’s knowledge over material science.

This curiosity was ignited within me when I first experienced the city of London. The megastructures situated within the city were so grand yet could house hundreds of people at a time without any structural failure. I began to wonder how and why these structural properties worked, why things stayed upright without any show of failure or flaw.

This passion and curiosity envelopes me with excitement of becoming a well-respected engineer, one who is competent in what he does. It fills me with joy knowing that I can be a part of such a delicate role in modern civilization, to be able to produce sustainable ideas and develop the built environment in a more sustainable way, to ensure that the needs of the future aren't compromised by the needs of today.

To follow this dream, I decided to do A level maths and physics, subjects that I really appreciate, and have worked hard on understanding and improving by attending after school subject clubs. Mechanics has opened my mind to understand the structure of a building and all the maths that it relies on, truly a fascinating topic to be explored. Combined with my excellent skills in maths and great understanding in physics, civil engineering would be a very beneficial course for me, allowing me to grow and expand my knowledge of maths and physics through complex projects and innovative problem solving to ensure a sustainable future.

Without the advancements in civil engineering the current global view would be significantly different, after all civil engineering and the design of modern infrastructure are pillars of modern civilization. Our agricultural ancestors did not have access to clean water in their homes, they would have had to walk miles for a clean source and even then, there was the dangers of diseases within the water. Yet today, we have access to clean water from the comfort of our own homes. The subject of civil engineering has helped navigate us forward by ensuring access to clean water and allowing for sewage systems which allow for the discrete disposal of human waste.

During the medieval era, streets were filled with human excrement which in turn caused an increased rate of infection and translated to a high mortality rate. The advancement of modern medicine has also played a major factor for the reduction of mortality over the years, but medicine alone would not have produced irrigation systems which help move fluids without causing contamination. These are just a few examples of why I am committed to be a civil engineer and I look forward to being a part of it all to make a more sustainable and renewable future.

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