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Like all young children, I often asked the question “What's that?” However where I apparently differed from others, was in my inquisitiveness to probe further. “How does it work?” being a common phrase of mine and thus, although I didn't realise it, my fascination with engineering was born.

Engineering has had a profound effect on the way we live and in shaping the world we know today. I am intrigued by all aspects of the subject ranging from the utilisation of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems, through to political, environmental and economic considerations.

Maths and Physics at A-level have been challenging, stimulating and exceedingly enjoyable. Not only did I select these subjects in order to pursue engineering at degree level but also because they continue to be my strongest. My curiosity in the operation, design and dynamics of objects, naturally influences my choice of degree, leading me towards Mechanical Engineering.

In 2005 I was fortunate to secure two invaluable weeks of work experience with “Arup”, working on the King's Cross St. Pancras redevelopment and CTRL which was most interesting due to its multidisciplinary nature.

This enabled me to experience a range of disciplines such as Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, while strengthening my teamwork, organisational and ICT skills. Studying A-level physics also enabled me to visit a local waste plant where turbines converted thermal energy into electricity and see first hand the benefits of Mechanical Engineering to the community as a whole.

Throughout my education I have participated in a range of initiatives and activities, along with assuming many positions of responsibility, such as form representative, house captain, college representative on the school council and coaching the school hockey team.

Communicating with people of various ages and enabling them to further their skills or their ideas is extremely rewarding and provides a real sense of achievement. This has encouraged me to widen my involvement and I now act as a peer mentor and provide classroom support in maths lessons.

In addition, as a member of my school's gifted and talented group, I participated in a residential weekend and many one-day activities where I enhanced my analytical skills. These initiatives have helped me to develop into an imaginative, caring and involved individual. I have also represented my school in a variety of sports such as Football, Athletics and Hockey.

Furthermore I played for my Hockey club, men's 1st XI and Captained the U18 team last season, along with representing Essex for the last 5 years. It is through commitment to my club I have achieved this. In addition I spent 4 years with the sea cadets and marine cadets.

As a Marine cadet I reached the rank of Lance Corporal and in the process gained qualifications in many activities and specialisations. My experiences developed my interpersonal skills and provided me with an ambition to achieve in all that I do.

In December 2004 I applied to gain a scholarship from the Royal Marines, which leads to entry as an officer if I choose to do so. After two tough residential selection processes, at Lympstone and Gosport, I was awarded the scholarship.

I believe I have the qualities required to further my studies as a university student and would cherish the opportunity to build on my existing experience both academically and socially. I feel I would excel in mechanical engineering and look forward to the prospect of a challenge. I see myself as an individual who would not only take from university but also give by contributing to all aspects of university life.

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This personal statement was written by arriddick1 for application in 2007.

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From this personal statement. I recived offers from Cambridge, Imperial College, Southampton, Bath, Surrey and Exeter. I hope u enoy it :)


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Awsome stuff. All i needed to

Awsome stuff. All i needed to do was read the beginning to say this is a good statement. You got the reader interested at the beginning and made yourself look like a capable applicant with real enthusiasm and passion. Good luck.

nice and genuine.

nice and genuine.

what did they focus on in ur interview? was it something on ur PS?

alright i guess

SORRY!!! just realised its engineering not mechanical engineering in bad

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