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The metamorphosis of our world at the hands of engineers is a phenomenon seen throughout history: from the machinery that allowed for 18th century industrialisation to the International Space Station.

The future is shaped by innovation of the present, and the modern boom of the aerospace industry is an indicator that engineering is reaching new heights. The potential to advance society has inspired me to study engineering at university.

I have discovered that the desire to understand what at first glance seems impossible is something that is innate to me. My enjoyment of the thought-provoking nature of maths stems from this and is a central motivation to my commitment to the puzzle society at my school.

Along with this, I drive to challenge myself by taking part in competitions such as the Senior Physics Olympiad and the UKMT, in which I achieved the silver award.

Whilst taking the AS Chemistry course was fascinating and allowed me to see the application of concepts on a molecular level, I found that I wanted to go beyond the, occasionally narrow, scope of the curriculum.

As a result, I supplemented my studies with an online course in Advanced Chemistry, which successfully enriched my understanding of chemistry beyond my curriculum.

I also attend an engineering course, which delves into the fundamentals of engineering; topics like thermodynamics are investigated beyond the scope of our A Level Physics course.

In conjunction with my A Levels, my EPQ has allowed me to undertake an investigation into missions to Mars. This is a topic that is inspired by a combination of my wonder for space, an inquisitiveness for modern feats of engineering, and an interest in the business world of engineering.

As a result, I have developed practical skills like time management whilst also exploring my passion for the space industry in greater depth.

Last year I took part in F1 in Schools in a team of only three students. Each of us had a significant role in every aspect of the design, construction and advertisement of our car and its brand.

Competing in the national finals in Abu Dhabi exposed me to CAD software which I had not previously come across. This exposure has cultivated a more enhanced competence when it comes to my design projects.

Along with listening to podcasts, I enjoy broadening my knowledge through books such as 'Beyond the Black Hole: Stephen Hawking's Universe'.

This follows the captivating progression of Stephen Hawking's philosophy and contributions to astrophysics, demonstrating their effect on the evolution of physics in the late 1900s. I find its contents particularly fascinating as it shows the parallel thinking one must have to solve problems and devise entirely new concepts, and how applicable this is to the advancement of any field.

I have been a part of several senior sports teams, as well as founding my school's first senior girls cricket team. This experience has allowed me to develop integral teamwork and leadership skills, which are further built on by my roles as lead liaison and junior prefect, in addition to debating in Model UN.

Undertaking the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award has been a practice in resilience and perseverance. As a highly active member of my school's charity committee, I have had the opportunity to help people whilst also developing and utilizing communication skills by organizing and taking part in events.

With a father who is a pilot, aviation has always been familiar to me. The model planes in his office always fascinated me, and helping him construct them, bit-by-bit, until they could fly thrilled me like nothing else.

This sparked a lasting interest in aerodynamics and has helped manifest a desire to study aerospace engineering. I aspire to be a part of the inevitable amelioration of the engineering field and I believe that I have the academic capacity and creativity that is necessary to study it at university.

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Got an offer for all 5 universities I applied to with predicted grades AAB.
University of Nottingham - A*AA
University of Manchester - AAB
University of Birmingham - AAB
University of Surrey - ABB
Queen Mary University of London - AAB


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