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I first realised that I wanted to study aeronautical/aerospace engineering when I was on a cadet trip, flying in a helicopter; I remember finding myself intrigued at how the helicopter was flying. Ever since then I knew I wanted to become an aeronautical engineer.

This was reinforced when I started the first year of my GCSE's and began to study physics as a subject on its own, the modules that involved forces and motion excited me the most. Even now at A-level physics never stops surprising me with theories and phenomena I did not think possible.

Mathematics has always been my strongest subject, this is probably because it is the subject I enjoy the most.

Having taken part in two UK math's challenges gaining a silver and bronze award and have just taken another, also in my secondary school I was part of a gifted and talented scheme due to my mathematics skill, I have just signed myself up to take part in a mathematics AEA as well, I think these factors shows how mathematics is my strongest subject.

In finding out about the course I want to study I saw that you learn to use computer aided design, luckily for me I have already experienced CAD, this is due to my GCSE in graphic design and an integral part of this course was to use CAD.

Having researched a few similar degree courses, I made the decision to be an aeronautical engineer because it has the best career possibilities and jobs available are not as straight forward as just being an aeronautical engineer, for example graduates can start careers in the finance sector due to there great mathematic skills or could simply move to other areas of engineering for example automotive engineering.

Careers I am most attracted to are to join the RAF and train as a pilot or remain in aeronautical engineering on the practical side rather than the design or research elements.

In 2006 I spent a week's work experience at Mouchel Parkman civil engineering plc. When I was there I was given an introduction to computer aided design and how a real engineering company solves problems with a team of people working on individual projects.

Currently I am working for a large sports company, whilst being employed there I have gained valuable skills such as team work and communication.

Until a year and a half ago I was in the army cadet force were I reached the level of 2-star, whilst being in the cadet force I was taught to follow orders, also to give them to, this shows I am able to correctly complete tasks set and to the best of my ability.

Through my experiences I have begun to realise the endless possibilities that engineering has to offer and how aeronautical engineers are at the forefront of the future of engineering. I hope that a degree from your university will help me towards a successful career in aeronautical engineering

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