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Knowledge, creativity, skills and experience: these are essential qualities needed to excel in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, hence my desire to develop them to the highest possible level.

My interest in this course arose from the love I have for electricity as regards its transmission over long distances and its conversion into various forms of energy.

I have been able to pursue my interest in the course by reading different articles and journals from which I learnt that Electrical Engineering deals with the problems associated with large-scale electrical systems such as power transmission while Electronic engineering focuses on the study of small-scale electronic systems including computers and integrated circuits.

A level Mathematics and Physics have helped me to develop my analytic and problem solving skills; A2 Calculus and Complex numbers exposed me to a new dimension of greater possibilities, Environment Physics introduced me to efficient and economics means of power generation while Environmental Chemistry helped me to realise the need for pollution control during the generation, transmission and consumption of electricity.

Judging by the excellent track record I have in these subjects which earned me excellent grades, Government scholarship and academic laurels, coupled with the joy and fulfilment I derive from studying them, I became convinced beyond reasonable doubts that this is the right course for me.

My desire to study in the UK is based on the fact that it is reputed for a very high standard of education, prestigious universities and a peaceful and hospitable environment which is conducive to learning and research and also welcoming to international students.

The official language in my country, Nigeria is English; consequently, all my lectures and assessments have always been in English.

I have been able to enhance my communication skills in English by actively participating in group discussions, class presentations, and other social activities, and this is evident from my achievement of a B2 grade in English language in my WASSCE. I also attended a Citizenship and Leadership training course in which I obtained an A grade based on my outstanding leadership and communication skills.

I opted for a gap year because I am under aged and this I am spending wisely by enhancing my computing skills in the use of various Electronics and Mathematics simulation software such as Matlab, Multisim, C++ and computer aided design.

I also pay periodic visits to a local university where I attend Engineering seminars, career talks, and also get the opportunity to interact with students and lecturers in this field.

My hobbies include watching movies and documentaries; I participate in religious activities for a length of three hours every Sunday and also partake in various exercises and sporting activities such as table tennis for about an hour daily.

I wish to work towards my Master's and Doctorate Degrees immediately upon completion of my undergraduate degree and also look forward to becoming an active member of a professional organisation such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) so as to ensure a continual update of my knowledge of the ever advancing field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

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This personal statement was written by koop for application in 2007.

koop's Comments

This is the best I was able to produce then (as a non-native English speaker), but I can do better now.
Regardless, it was still sufficient cos it got me 4 offers - Manchester, Birminghham, Nottingham and Leeds (I cancelled the last app bcos they were taking too long to reply). I'm posting this bcos I think it may be useful to someone, also bcos I need constructive comments and criticisms to improve my writing skills.


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a bad start but ended up bad.
did u get an offer then?


i meant a bad start but ended up good

I also got an offer form Univ

I also got an offer form Univ. of Leeds

If you say you play table

If you say you play table tennis during your spare time, you should say what skills you developed

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