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A few decades into the past, the concept of cognizant machines was just an inconceivable notion that amused our fantasies in sci-fi movies and books. Standing in the present day, Artificial Intelligence has emerged to be one of the most advanced domains of science. Having acquired a degree in computer science, coupled with three years of professional experience as a programmer, I wish to further my career in the domain of AI. I am confident that the MS program in Artificial Intelligence offered by the University of Michigan will substantially leverage my knowledge in this field.

As a student, I have always enjoyed my fascination with science subjects. Steered by my enthusiasm for technology, I selected an engineering degree in Computer Science for my graduation. In the process, I mastered programming languages like C, C++, and JavaScript. It also covered pertinent concepts like database management, networking, and systems security.

I actively strive to keep my knowledge and skills honed and updated. Attending a plethora of courses and workshops, I love staying abreast with the industry. Getting started with Python, Advanced Automation, and Python Data Structures from the Coursera platform are a few among them. These courses have helped me bridge the knowledge gap between academic education and practical expertise.

Apart from my studies, I have been involved in various co-curricular activities starting from my schooldays. As a movie buff, I have made my own attempts in filmmaking through short films. My first break was when I received the best director award for the short film competition at the university. The project was a combined effort of the film club at the college. This achievement gave me the motivation to pursue filmmaking as a hobby along with my career. At present, our team is still working on a small budget project.

My exposure to the professional sphere comes from my internship at the Ascorb Vistas Pvt. Ltd. as an Automation Trainee. I was in charge of handling certain computer-assisted business tasks. I also coded the parts of the software for assimilating data from internet sources. Other responsibilities I have handled included setting up and running test-cases to gauge the performance of systems and tracking the results. As a part of the professional circuit, I gained a glimpse into the scope and potential of the practical applications of AI.

It was in the course of this stint that I gained clarity over my career path. Although I did not get to work extensively on the AI components, I witnessed its performance in action and discerned its true power. This realization bestowed me with a sense of leveraging my technical education. After some brainstorming, I decided to continue my education with an MS in Artificial Intelligence.

Although I am fascinated by the career possibilities in AI, I am not mindless of the dedication it takes to accomplish it. To succeed in this career, I need to equip myself with high-level education and research experience. The discipline of AI is too vast to be adequately explored through work exposure alone. By taking up MS in Artificial Intelligence, I will be able to acquire more specialized knowledge of this field of study. This will give me an upper hand when searching for a gratifying job.

I decided to study in the United States as the country has preserved its dominance in the technological ambit for decades. This potential undoubtedly stems from the high quality of education the country offers. I am hopeful of joining a world-class company as a trainee in conjunction with my education. It is also reassuring that the nation has a fair share of international student ratio. I believe this will help to broaden my perspective of the world. These were the rationale that convinced me of this decision.

The course offered by the University of Michigan seemed the most propitious to my mission. The research-oriented nature of the academy makes it a hub of technological innovations. I wish to contribute to the researches at your celebrated university, while availing myself the exposure to cutting-edge technologies at their initial stages. This master’s program in Artificial Intelligence will also help me gain valuable knowledge and skills to navigate in the direction of a successful career and fulfill my aspirations.

After concluding my studies at the University of Michigan, I plan to return to India and join a reputed firm. The rapidly growing job market in the country has a rising demand for trained professionals with proficiency in advanced AI theories. Presently, the top firms in business and technology are continually embracing AI technologies.

Therefore, my long-term goal to establish a successful career by capitalizing on AI’s vast potential across various extents keeps me going. This degree will not only uncover professional pathways but also be my lifetime opportunity to make a mark in the industry. Given the favorable conditions, I will set out on the entrepreneurial track at the right moment. Considering these opportunities, I would like to integrate myself into the progressive academic environment at your revered university.

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