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With 7 billion people in the world, it's hard for one person to make a significant contribution. Engineering allows you to map your ingenuity onto a creation and to shape the future through innovation. It gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the world and to leave your mark.

The chance to mould that original spark into reality was the deciding factor in making my choice. Living in an interdependent society, the contributions you make individually, effect the life of someone else, making the most of yourself and contributing the best way you can is the purpose of each person.

Focusing on my strengths, maths and physics, I believe I will be achieving that purpose as an engineer, as it requires the ability to project real world problems onto a mathematical model, to solve the problem.

I am currently studying core maths, further maths, physics and design. These give me a fundamental understanding for the course.

Having enjoyed maths from an early age, I have chosen to study the full further maths A-level, in addition with core maths, in my final year in order to expand my knowledge of the subject, and to challenge myself with new concepts.

This has required me to do a lot of work in my free time, honing my ability to work independently. The study of mathematics has provided me with a key skill of problem solving, and it made me a faster learner.

Studying physics, I have learned to adapt my mathematical skills to the real life scenarios, and apply them using logical reasoning to arrive at a solution.

Through design, I learnt the hands-on approach side of resolving problems. This approach taught me to use a range of tools, techniques and equipment to make the final product. It has also taught me a necessary approach to problems, ranging from researching the issue, to implementing the solution with a physical invention.

The coursework area of the subject has given me ability to stick to deadlines and has helped developed my design and organisation skills.

I have completed an AS-level geography, which has made me more aware of the global issues such as global warming, and showed to me the importance of addressing the problem. Studying your course will give me the opportunity to address these issues.

I am also studying Russian A-level in my own time and I am already proficient in Ukrainian, I have a good understanding of Polish, and I am literate in Bulgarian. Being multilingual is a great skill in a world that is becoming more connected due to increased globalisation and migration.

I will be taking a gap year to gain work experience, possibly abroad, to prepare me for my studies, as well as to gain maturity and self-reliance.

In my spare time I participate in various charity events such as Christian kitchen and money rising for Japan. I was also a mentor for a younger student in my college and I was involved in toe-by-toe program that aims to help younger students to read, this required me to attend my college early in the morning three times per week for three months.

This involvement has given me a sense of working in a professional environment, due to the confidentiality that must be maintained at all times.

The list of activities I participate in is extensive, including visits to royal society convention and engineering taster courses, which reinforced my interest in mechanical engineering. I also achieved a first aid, and stewarding level 2 certificates. In my free time I enjoy muay-thai, cycling, swimming, and going to the gym, which helps me relax from my studies and maintain my physical fitness.

I believe I have the desire and the fundamental knowledge that will make me a successful student at your university.

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This personal statement was written by dimaxxd for application in 2013.


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