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The rapid advancement in engineering technologies over the past century has radically changed the way we live. These technologies have not only brought about positive change but also a mosaic of interrelated problems that afflict us socially, economically and ecologically.

I believe that engineers should incorporate management views and economic expertise as part of their curricular to effectively manage their practices and find creative solutions. This will not only improve our standards of living but this ensures a legacy for the future generation. I intend to pursue a career in Engineering and Management so that I can be part of this quest to modernise our lives.

Since this career explores the diverse nature of engineering practices, I wish to acquire and comprehend the techniques that are employed in this array of fields. I believe it's a challenging career which creates wealth and adds value to the places we live and work.

Growing up I have looked up to engineers as my role models and I have always aspired to be one myself. My passion for science dates back to when I was in grade school. An aptitude for physics and mathematics enabled me to excel in all my science subjects at O-level.

Throughout the 4 years I was an O-level student I was proud to take part in several science projects. The projects that intrigued me most were that of a model windmill, a solar cooker and that of a model water pump. These in particular made me aware of how new technology must be introduced into society without hurting our environment.

In 2006, I was drafted into a 4 member bridge building team. We competed representing our school with 8 other schools and came out 5th. Although we did not win, it was an invaluable challenge. As I progressed to A-level, I took Maths, Physics and Chemistry as my combination of subjects to utilize the aptitude I had for these subjects.

Despite the fact that teachers were sometimes a shortage, I never lost hope because I knew I could take the challenge. Much of my learning at A-level was based on presentations we did as a class alternatively on each topic to effectively utilize each others knowledge. We attended seminars with other schools to exchange views and ideas on these subjects.

I was thrilled by how closely related the 3 subjects are and I figured out how they create a strong base for a variety of careers. I found the practical lessons exciting as they involved putting ideas into concrete terms and how to communicate observations. This tough learning experience taught me not to depend much on teachers but to research ahead on every topic that I am studying.

Apart from my academic studies I also had some extra curricular activities at heart. From 2005 to 2009 I was in the school athletics team. I partook in short marathon competitions and I also did high jump. I was also the school's football team medic. Sometimes I joined the team when they were practicing.

Away from the sporting fields, I was a member of the Interact Club. In 2008 and 2009 much of the club's activities were organized by me as I was Project Coordinator.

Being a member of the Environmental Awareness Campaign Club taught me that for the survival of our planet we must learn to strike a balance between development needs and environmental protection. I feel obliged to be part of the engineers who are working tirelessly to avert the threat of global warming.

Under the activities of this club I planted 3 Mopane trees during my final year on the National Tree Planting Day. It is rather unfortunate for me as I could not acquire any work experience from 2010 up to now due to the unexpected circumstances that prevailed here in Zimbabwe. I have spent much of my time reading novels and National Geographic.

For me pursuing this Engineering and Management degree is the realisation of a dream. I am looking forward to face the challenges of university life both academically and socially. I can only feel that my dream aspiration is now within grasp.

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