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Having grown up on an International Airport’s flight path, waking up every morning to the sound of turbofan engines squeezing out tens of thousands of pounds of thrust has sparked my passion for aviation.

From the Wright Brother’s first powered flight in 1903 to projects such as the new Boeing 787, the aviation industry has been at the forefront of cutting edge technology and we have seen rapid developments in the technologies that keep these chunks of metal alloy in the air.

Now we are in the 21st century, we realise that there a number of challenges the aviation industry faces such as environmental issues and I want to be involved in the technological application to solutions of these problems.

Having a family background coming from the aviation industry has further inspired me in the subject area. Following my interests, when I was thirteen I decided to join Air Cadets. While there, I reached the rank of Corporal which allowed me to develop my leadership, communication, teamwork and organisation skills.

I was given frequent opportunities to gain some hands-on experience in the RAF’s basic trainer, the Grob Tutor 115e. During this, I saw firsthand how the control surfaces worked and having gained enough experience at the controls, I was able to pilot aerobatic manoeuvres. This whole experience has enabled me to become committed to an organisation outside school.

While at cadets, I was able to visit a number of RAF bases on work experience. RAF Coningsby was particularly fascinating as I got a direct look at one of the most advanced jet fighters in the world; The Eurofighter Typhoon.

While there I visited the maintenance hangar where I witnessed repairs and various airframe tests being done on a number of aircraft and also the powerful EJ200 engines being fitted back into one of the aircraft.

I also visited the pilot training facility where I was given the chance to use the Eurofighter Typhoon simulator which is used to give the pilots of this aircraft initial training. These experiences have fuelled my eagerness to follow a career in aviation.

Other than the aforementioned air cadets, I take part in other extra-curricular activities like CSLA which involves training to become a leader in sports. During the award, I volunteered to help organise and set up a Mini Olympics for local primary schools. This has further developed my communication skills.

I also have a part-time job working at the Hilton hotel as a Room attendant. Due to my job role, I work independently and am given the responsibility to ensure each room is ready for the guest. Each room needs to be prepared to the highest standard within a time limit. This job has taught me how to cope under pressure.

Further work experience includes an Army Officer Insight course in which I got a brief introduction to army officer selection and training.

During the course, I was reminded of the ability to be able to problem solve in pressure situations and while there, I also gained self discipline and confidence. Furthermore, I have a placement to attend work experience with Goodrich Corporation which I will gather valuable insight to aerospace engineering.

In school, I study Physics and Maths which are very important for any engineering degree and I am confident in those subjects, and they provide me with the skills required for an Aerospace engineering degree. In addition, I take History which is important because it grants me the skills to analyse and evaluate results, explain them and offer a conclusion in a report.

While at school, I represented the school in Rugby for three years. Currently, in 6th form, I am a prefect which gives me the responsibility to carry out duties aside from my school work, so it teaches me to manage my time.

Aerospace engineers are the vanguard of innovation and I feel higher education would hone my interests and experience into this specific area of expertise and it will prepare me to become involved in this ever expanding field of engineering.

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beautiful statement

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