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Almost any technology we take for granted today involves engineering: from mobile phones to space shuttles, engineering certainly has an impact on our daily lives.

Increasingly over the last few years, I have become drawn to engineering and the wide range of possibilities that studying in this field can offer.

Modern technology always intrigues me and I find it fascinating to see how they function, especially with the intricate physics behind them. I believe that although it is important to determine how things work, it is perhaps more valuable to understand why they fail and use it to our advantage to construct better solutions.

I aspire to become an engineer because I believe that I can make a difference to our lives, by creating solutions for the many problems that surround our world today.

After embracing a larger interest in engineering, I decided to broaden my mind by reading about different engineers such as James Watt and Edison. They both inspired me as they dedicated their work to improve living standards at the time, which revolutionised the way we lived.

In July I attended a Headstart course at Loughborough to discover more about this field in general, and it has further secured my opinion that I want to be part of this area of expertise. Working at Steve Leung's Architects in Hong Kong last summer has provided me with a sound opportunity to gain an incredible insight into the areas of architecture and structural engineering.

Although it was hard work, I enjoyed the challenges by solving them with scientific and mathematical ideas. Besides, I learnt to use statistical models to solve complex calculations, whilst developing teamwork and time management skills.

I believe that I am well suited to this field, as my subjects and thinking reflect the nature of engineering. Studying physics with the Advanced Extension Award has provided me with the core scientific knowledge needed. My innate logical thought enables me to apply this theory to diverse and practical problems, which I find challenging and enjoyable.

Maths has given me numerous problem solving opportunities and allows me to apply usual concepts to solve unusual situations. Furthermore, by studying Design and Technology, I gained experiences with electronics, materials and CAD/CAM, as well as coping with large amounts of coursework. Alongside the main subjects, I am also undertaking Chinese as an extra language. In addition, Geography at AS level presents me with analytical abilities and a greater awareness of issues on a larger scale.

For the past 4 years I have thoroughly enjoyed boarding, as I get on well with others easily. This has helped me to develop as a person, making me independent and organized, but more importantly it has developed my interpersonal skills. As I am from a family of Chinese origins in the UK, I am able to speak both English and Chinese fluently, which is an invaluable advantage for me. Apart from my curricular activities, I like to be involved with other aspects of school life, such as sports.

My favourites are rugby and hockey, and I am currently a member of the 1st Hockey team. I also help to coach the U15s team occasionally, and this develops my teamwork skills and discipline.

I have also enjoyed taking part and helping to coordinate “Jack and the Beanstalk”, which is the school pantomime for this year. Whenever possible, I enjoy socializing with friends, as I believe there is more to life than just academic success.

Through my experiences I am beginning to appreciate the future and prosperity that engineering has to offer. I hope that a degree from your university will act as a key for a successful career in engineering.

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This personal statement was written by visvim for application in 2008.

visvim's Comments

Got all 5 offers from Imperial, Bath, UCL, Loughborough and Warwick.
Interviews were required for Imperial and Warwick.


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Good on you man!! And thanks for uploading your statement, I really needed it. :D

this is so so good. well done

this is so so good. well done- no wonder you got all 5 offers! which uni are you studying at now?

Bolluck bud, bollluks.

Bolluck bud, bollluks.

remeber the opium wars !!

remeber the opium wars !!

perfect and arrogant

perfect and arrogant




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