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Engineers through time have consistently triumphed over near-impossible odds to achieve some of the most incredible structural and mechanical feats; their pioneering ingenuity has played a central role in the ever-changing face of technological advancement.

The Coloseum of Rome, over 2000 years old, is one such engineering masterpiece the fact that it remains virtually intact today is a credit to the skill and depth of planning behind it.

I always strive to make a difference and, in my view, never has the world faced a bigger challenge; global warming is rapidly transforming the face of the earth as we know it, and I feel that it is partly my responsibility to make an impact.

My passion for engineering stems from an inquisitive side that has fuelled many of my interests, in particular I enjoy looking into the immense intricacy of various mechanical structures and learning how the different components function. I like a challenge, and see it as an opportunity to learn something new as it appeals to the more intrepid side of my character.

Although I appreciate other aspects of engineering, I find the workings of an aircraft elegant in its own right. The capability of a piece of machine to achieve lift, navigate its way through the clouds to its destination is utterly awe-inspiring. As an RAF cadet, I was introduced to hugely influential military aircrafts and I marvelled at their high speeds and manoeuvrability and desired knowledge of how they worked.

My interest in aeronautics has been reinforced by my love for mathematics and physics as they underpin the fundamentals of engineering. The beauty of mathematics is the ability to use its logic and concepts to neatly solve problems, whilst physics provides simple theories that guide everyday phenomena.

I spent a week at Cambridge on the Sutton trust summer school where I was introduced to first year lectures on fluid and structural mechanics. Fluid mechanics looked at the forces acting on the fluid in a jet engine (rocket science!) whereas structural mechanics introduced the idea of trusses (targets!).

The most thrilling part of the summer school was the group project to design and build a fully automated robot using a computer program called NQC. The project illustrated that engineers often work as a team under timing constraint. After being introduced to lectures and student life, I feel excited as well as capable of coping with the rigour of an engineering degree.

As Head Student, I supervise the school prefects, attend meetings and my free periods are largely spent mentoring KS3 students and carrying out truancy patrol. A charity for orphans benefited from the GBP 529 raised from a football tournament I co-ordinated. I have made several speeches and presentations to a large audience and conducted numerous assemblies.

In the engineering world, excellent leadership and communication skills are crucial and I have improved and demonstrated these skills at school. Outside school, my leadership qualities flourish on the pitch where I captain a local football club. When not on the pitch, I have taken on a lead role in a mini movie.

I often read the 'New Scientist' and 'Everything Aerospace' to keep me informed of exciting scientific advances and by reading a book like 'Small things considered' by H.Petroski, my keenness for engineering grows.

Aeronautical engineers are at the forefront of an ever-changing world of technology, and it is my dream that, I will be able to follow a career against the backdrop of this ever-advancing field.

I believe that my desire to personally make a difference, along with the degree of independence that I have proven throughout recent years, will help me to adapt the challenges and opportunities that I know university will present.

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This personal statement was written by jesuan for application in 2008.


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Hey where did you apply to ? and where di you get a place ?



blown away tbh

blown away tbh


lol. Thnx peeps i really appreciate. I applied to cambridge, imperial,bristol, southampton n loughbourgh n i got offers 4rm all of them n I am presently at Jesus college, Cambridge,.,.hence the Jesuan,.,.,

thanks for posting! it really

thanks for posting! it really helped eventho my course is completely different

cool p.s.Well done!wat grades

cool p.s.Well done!wat grades did u get at gcse and at as/a levels?Im interested in applying to oxbridge as well.

ash sounds like a royal

ash sounds like a royal twwwaaaattttt!!!!

awesome!!! (Y)




Very Nice! I'm also applying

Very Nice! I'm also applying to Imperial, Bristol and Southampton! Say, would you mind giving us an idea of what grades we need?

....the Colosseum was not

....the Colosseum was not built "over 200o years ago"...

hey its me again... The

hey its me again... The Colosseum is not "virtually intact" half of it has fallen down !

everything is stunning except

everything is stunning except for mentioning the global warming... <facepalm>


Thank you ever so for you post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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