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I have always been fascinated by how everything known to the human species is constantly driving us even further, pushing boundaries and finding new limitations. For me, the realisation of how awesome Mother Earth and the Universe are sends chills down my spine.

The fact that we are currently achieving fantastic speeds and covering enormous distances in space by the latest developments in aerospace technology is absolutely mind-boggling. Scientists and engineers are doing remarkable work in making the then impossible now possible.

We should emulate their pioneer spirit and continue to explore the Universe in search of answers to our never-ending questions.

Recent sci-fi movies such as “Interstellar” and “The Martian” sparked my imagination about the technological breakthroughs that might soon be possible.

In those flicks, the protagonists achieved jaw-dropping speeds and covered unprecedented celestial distances using some really fancy flight trajectories. All of this started with the Wright Brothers who flew the first controllable, fixed-wing aircraft.

Their invention hit the world so hard that a mere century later, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, found himself trying to make a round-trip ticket to Mars affordable!

As a citizen of the IT world, I would be greatly pleased to be able to contribute to the huge bank of technical knowledge out there and help pave the path for future generations to build on. This can be done only by understanding more intimately the science behind space-travel technology. Hence, I have chosen to pursue a career in aerospace engineering.

My personal, try-until-I-die vision is to develop space vehicles that would allow human civilisation to achieve multi-planetary occupancy. I strongly believe that the education I am pursuing will equip me with the complexities of knowledge and understanding necessary to achieve this - in collaboration with others - during my lifetime.

The prospects in this field are very bright since spacecraft-manufacturing companies have been mushrooming in the developed world. I am thus eager to join this ‘exponentially’-growing family, explore what the future has in store, then contribute back to the same family so that it can accomplish even more than what it currently has.

n the words of Elon Musk, “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.” I unequivocally choose the latter!

Two years of tuba-playing in my School Band - which required close cooperation with the brass section - showed me the importance of teamwork. Six hours of weekly band practice and even more during term holidays called for good management of time in order not to compromise academic performance.

As Band Quartermaster, I had to learn the merits of being patient, flexible and well organised. At college, I served on the committee of the Sunway Student Ambassadors and assisted in the task of identifying and managing student volunteers for various events and functions. This taught me the importance of good communication and organisational skills.

The A-Level Programme at Sunway College is preparing me well for my chosen course of further studies. Physics, Chemistry and Biology have allowed me to look into every nook and cranny of everyday science and have enlarged my common sense! Mathematics has enabled me to competently quantify scientific concepts and ideas.

My proficiency in Physics and Mathematics has been proven by my consistent top ranking in tests and examinations throughout my high school years. This winning streak continues through A Levels and has shaped and aligned my critical thinking skills which allow me to appreciate life as an explainable and simply amazing experience.

Upon graduation, I hope to join a company that has a vision similar to mine. For now, my focus is to gain entry into a world-class university that will prepare me for the mission I have chosen. I can think of no better place to do this than the United Kingdom.

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