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My insatiable desire to solve problems fuels my interest in engineering. Throughout my life I have had a distinctly inquisitive approach to technology.

For example, when I was 11, I was bought an Internal Combustion Engine Model. I constructed it as quickly as I could, full of anticipation, but was disappointed when I switched on the ignition to find it not working.

This failure was pivotal in inspiring me to want to study engineering as I spent hours examining the model engine searching for the cause, finally revealing that I had connected the pistons to the crank shaft incorrectly.

Though this event did not involve any particular expertise, it was crucial in stimulating my interest in STEM subjects throughout my education, preparing me with advanced knowledge of mathematics and physics which I hope to apply to far more complex and fascinating problems in the field of engineering in the future, with the hope of one day solving some of the world's most pressing challenges.

Having mined all the resources available on there is no doubt in my mind that engineering is the vocation for me.

Through studying an array of mathematics modules I have become an adept, versatile mathematician, particularly enjoying Mechanics 2 due to the demanding, yet applicable nature of the content in comparison to the more simplistic mechanics in my Physics AS Level.

The sheer diversity of Physics itself has made the subject most testing and absorbing and as a result, Mechanical Engineering has become the focus of my attention. This, coupled my interest in the Contemporary Conflicts and Challenges topic in my Geography A2, led me to concentrate my EPQ on the future of Defence Technology and Modern Warfare.

My rigorously numerical AS-Levels have made my problem solving technique strictly methodical, which has benefited me thus far, reflected by my high modular marks in all exams. However I was fascinated by the concept of ‘back of the envelope’ workings when reading ‘Remaking the World’ by Henry Petroski.

This described moments when engineers would originate ideas which contained some aspect of ingenuity and defied standard conventions; through my study of engineering I hope one day to be able to achieve this.

I also believe engineers should not be driven by public attention, so to me Nikola Tesla's modest career makes him the true embodiment of engineering. Despite his supreme intellect and role in the creation of momentous inventions, such as the induction motor, Tesla is yet to receive his deserved public recognition.

Transferable skills are crucial in an industrial environment as engineers are constantly interacting with other professionals. Through running a STEM club at a local primary school I became an official STEM Ambassador, giving me the chance to attain skills such as presenting to an audience and the ability to communicate effectively with others.

I have recently applied to Siemens for work experience in 2015, and have been granted that opportunity. As I am intrigued by all aspects of engineering from Mechanical to the relatively new and developing Biomedical Engineering, I hope to refine my understanding of the different factions of engineering through this placement, and at university I wish to study the fundamentals of general engineering to broaden my knowledge as I am yet to decide which specialty I am best suited to.

Over the past few years I have held a variety of jobs in pubs and at school. Whilst not offering much in the way of intellectual challenges, these have helped me develop valuable time management skills and demonstrate my work-ethic.

It is these attributes, along with those I have mentioned previously, that I wish to apply to my further study and I hope that my chosen Universities reflect the talented, ambitious and disciplined individual that I am.

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