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I could still remember how excited I felt when I first saw the phone in my home, when I first used a beeper, and when I first used a mobile phone.

I am impressed about the huge change in my own life brought by the rapid development of the field of E.E. At present, I would like to pursue my Master degree of Telecommunications Engineering in the University of Melbourne as my commencements of life.

After accomplishing high school with brilliant record, I fought my way out of millions of candidates into XX University, one of the best universities in China. I studied at Communications Department, a highly selective department with a gathering of smart students who are hard to compete with.

During my four-year undergraduate study, although I was not the best student in the college from my GPA, I took every course seriously, and I tried to make good use of every chance to deepen my knowledge and sharpen my academic ability. Practical skills are as important as theoretical studies for the E.E students, so I put great emphasis upon laboratory experiments.

From the basic physics experiment to the major specialised experiment, such as emerging switching technology and computer network technology.

I did everything carefully, from preparation to the analysis of final results. In my junior, I won a chance to take part in a course design with other 20 students who were selected strictly from 334 students, working with Prof. XX, a celebrated professor in wireless communication field in XX University, in his study of Microcontroller and wireless communication theory for 4 months. I taught myself Assembly Language and the Principle of Microcontroller, and achieved the communications between serial interfaces.

Based on those academic experiences with Prof. XX, I got a privilege when asking him to be my thesis supervisor. The two main topics about my thesis are “Channel Adaptive coding” and “HARQ”.

By simulation with MATLAB, I compared the throughout of the communications system, adapting HARQ and ARQ in two kinds of channels using the same channel coding method respectively. I studied more than20 foreign references, more than 10 books and other references, and gained deeper understanding of the key technologies used in the emerging Telecommunications industry.

After I graduated, I took a job as software testing in a XX to gain more knowledge in software. During the 5 months, I learned the basic software testing theory, design the testing methods and analyzed the testing steps to find out the problems. Then I took the responsibility to do BT testing, studied and analysed the different kinds of BT protocols to design the testing steps.

These research-related and practical experiences enable me to have the opportunity to work with many excellent scholars and was able to deal with instruments like ARM, Microcontroller, DSP and MATLAB, and also helped me to gain greater insight into the basic methods of timer control and interruption programming, so that is a training of my ability of learning, designing and developing software and hardware I believe that my analytical ability and logical thinking get greatly improved through these experiences.

The feeling of being challenged by some difficulties and then beating them flat gave me the best gratification and self-confidence I have never enjoyed so much.

Apart from my academic life, I have taken an active part in extracurricular activities. Being the Vice Chairman of the Volunteer Union is the most fruitful experience. I organized to raise funds for the children whose family cannot afford their schooling, which was supported and rated with thousands of students.

I also won the chance to be a volunteer for the 6th Asian Winter Games and was awarded the Excellent Volunteer. These volunteer experiences brought the profound meaning of giving. I always believe that study is the most important thing for a college student, but it is not everything.

Learning to help and care about vulnerable groups, cultivating the sense of responsibility and the spirit of dedication is also a compulsory course for the college students.

My ultimate goal is to be a leading scholar or a prestigious Engineer to make a real contribution to the Telecommunications field. As a saying goes: Learning will never end.

Based on my enthusiasm in Telecommunications and the desire to study the protocols and even develop the new protocols, I believe the further study; especially the abroad study experience will not only sharpen my professional knowledge of cutting-edge knowledge of TE, but also broaden my horizons by working with the international team.

My academic background and research experience may not be the best among the applicants, but I believe the spirit of fortitude and enthusiasm will help me to stand out, and the commitment of quick movement will help me to keep my words.

I will try my best to achieve my goal in academic and make contributions to your faculty. Give me a chance and I will not let you down!

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This personal statement was written by tddsusan for application in 2008.

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I think the personal statement does not reflect my charactor. It is a little fade actually.


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