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I have always been interested in the way things work. I am always determined to succeed and I feel that this degree will make the most of my skills. I believe that being part of an engineering team will be very rewarding.

I have always enjoyed doing things using my hands and making things, lately been building a remote controlled plane which flew well until the engine stalled and I crashed it on a landing.

For my work experience I went to Messier Dowty, a company specialising in aircraft landing gear. I was placed in the design environment for three days and the worked on modifying drawings of parts, this gave me an insight into the way engineers work and the types of work the job involves.

For the rest the time I spent there was in assembly, building Eurofighter front nose gear, I found this is was very interesting and I learnt how precision engineering was carried out in the industrial environment.

I have a positive attitude towards schoolwork and aim to do the best of my ability. My GCSE results were strong but I have since improved my application to my subjects and have achieved superb AS levels. This has meant I have been able to carry on all four of my subjects to A2. I felt that a year of free periods was a waste of time.

I am studying physics at A-level. I find this very interesting as has helped me gain an understanding of the world and how it works, moreover it has also given me an appreciation of how engineers work. I have learnt how the laws of physics can be applied to real life and work out problems, this has given me a much broader understanding of the world and made it possible for me to understand the many processes affecting it

I have been studying product design at A level and received full marks in the exam. I have a wide knowledge of how products are made and the design limitations involved in manufacture. This will give me an understanding of the limitations in manufacture that an engineer must be aware of when designing a solution.

I also study business this gives me a understanding of how business are run and the chalenges they face and way to I am a good team worker. In year 12 I took part in young enterprise, a scheme that gives 6th from student a chance to set up a business and run it themselves with the aim of enhancing team working skills and making a profit.

I was the operations director in charge of making of our products and distributing them. We went on to be a successful company making over GBP2500, throughout this I learnt how to deal with suppliers and how to negotiate on prices.

I have a job working as a cleaner at school, this require me to organise my time so I can complete all my coursework within the time constraints. I have always been punctual in arriving to my job and have now been working for over a year without a day off, this shows commitment that I am reliable.

I enjoy playing sport, I have played for my school in a number of teams I have played for the tennis team and have won all my games, I have also played for my East Glos my local club and have made it to the semi-final.

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for the first bit you can improve it saying you were keen on improving it... not those exact words but you know what i mean, something that says you won't give up even though you've tried your best

"i felt a year of free

"i felt a year of free periods was a waste of time"

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