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Flirting with electrons has worked wonders. Electronics engineers have manipulated these positron antiparticles to revolutionise fields as diverse as acoustics, medicine and robotics.

Impressed by these phenomenal advancements, I am ambitious to join the wonderful people who relentlessly strive to change our lives for the better.

Electronics engineering is the most viable option to realise my dream of adding to the beauty of life. It is one of the few fields in which a small advancement, such as in fabrication or integration, can make a big difference.

I therefore wish to study electronics engineering with the aim of becoming part of the next revolution. It's not just about revolutionising the world, but following my passion, a love for what I do best, and the benefit it will bring to me as well as to others.

I love to fuse maths with physics in solving problems of varied nature as it provides me the opportunity to use two of my favourite subjects simultaneously. I believe that engineering will provide me lots of opportunities to continue this routine.

Electricity and Magnetism have remained my favourite topics ever since I studied them in the O Levels. My obsession with electronics has even encouraged me to try practical circuitry. These successful attempts at assembling circuits like LDR and Radio receiver have given me valuable insight into electronics and confirmed my aptitude for electronics engineering.

I feel that my academics have prepared me amply for a challenging course ahead. Last year the Governor of my province awarded me a Gold Medal for Excellence in Academics.

I have successfully competed in NPTC (a national physics competition synonymous to BPhO) to rank among the top 50 students of Pakistan and with further short listing due in a few months, I am optimistic of making it to the top five students who will represent Pakistan in the 40th International Physics Olympiad.

The most recent International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest ranked me among the top 50 students of Pakistan.

MIT OpenCourseWare lectures in Physics are the primary source to quench my thirst for in-depth knowledge. I usually follow these lectures with corresponding assignments and IPhO past questions.

I also enjoy browsing HowStuffWorks as it helps me to appreciate the beautiful world from an engineering perspective. “How it's Made” and “I Didn't Know That” are my favourite TV programmes for the same reason.

In my 2008 Internship with CARE Foundation, I volunteered as a Teaching Assistant to grades 9th and 10th in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. It was one of the best experiences of my life as I was teaching and preparing assignments for students just one & two grades junior to me!

I feel honoured to be one of the 431 Supervisors who are managing over 1.3 million users on WikiAnswers, the 38th most visited website on earth. WikiAnswers has given me an opportunity to share my knowledge globally.

Side by side, frequent collaboration with other WikiAnswers contributors, mainly to improve an answer, has given me teamwork skills and introduced me to the beauty of diversity. Performing website supervision in addition to the regular academic work has taught me time management and task prioritisation.

The most appropriate way to realise my dreams is to enter research after completing my studies at the Doctorate level.

Given this career aspiration, it is but natural that I select a university which is at the forefront of research and where students are encouraged to join their professors for hands-on experience.

I have chosen your university because of its focus on research and the opportunity it provides to participate within a diverse student body.

Although I am applying as an international student, my indefinite leave to remain in the UK is due in three years time and this is why UK is my primary choice for higher education.

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This personal statement was written by zainykhas for application in 2009.

zainykhas's university choices
Cambridge University
University College London

Green: offer made
Red: no offer made

EEE at Imperial College London


Statement rating:*****

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postitron anti-particles.

postitron anti-particles.
really bad line

it's even more scary that

it's even more scary that even with a statement as perfect as this, Cambridge did not make an offer..

Worst ever!

It's a bad personal statement. It's probably why the student was rejected at Cambridge. It just brags about achievements! There's a section for extracurriculars in the application! This just demonstrates that the student doesn't have a life other than studying (he/she might have a life but doesn't do anything to show it).

This list of trophies does NOT belong in a personal statement. The achievements themselves just earned her a place in the other universities, but this statement didn't help at all.

as you work for wikianswers,

as you work for wikianswers, can you tell them to shut the compagny down or make it better!!!
it is one of the worst websites i have ever been on and it always comes up top on my google search!!!




Thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Awesome.

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