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I remember my first experience of engineering was when I was quite young. In year 2, a couple of students and I were taken to complete a project where we had to build a small cart out of household items and we competed against schools in our local area to see how far our cars could travel down a ramp. However, we didn’t do very well. Obviously, the reasoning was far above my understanding at the time but experiences like that established an inquisitiveness for the way the world works especially regarding engineering.

My interest in engineering and computer science has determined my choices at A Level as Maths, Further Maths, Physics. I also study Music as it’s one of my passions and am about to complete my Grade 8 Piano. I love problem solving; it is what engineering is all about. To develop my problem solving skills, I started attending further physics sessions in Year 12. Using Isaac Physics, we worked through higher level questions including mechanics. Motivated by these sessions, I asked my teachers to recommend some resources that provided a greater challenge and my physics teacher brought out a book called “Professor Povey's Perplexing Problems''. This has provided a great insight into the world of physics in general. Since joining The Royal Latin, I have also been selected to take part in UKMT Maths Challenges and British Physics Olympiads and receive bronze and silver awards regularly. I particularly enjoy these because they encourage thinking outside the box and develop problem-solving; they are part of the reason why I wanted to study A level Further Maths.

During Sixth Form, I put myself forward to join [Insert Sixth Form]’s student leadership team. Following a very rigorous and thorough interview process, I was selected to be deputy head boy. This role has enabled me to work with younger students, parents and staff. During the year I have developed my time management and organisational skills enabling me to balance my academic studies with this added responsibility. Taking parents and prospective students on tours of the school has developed my communication skills further and I’m very proud to be representing my school in this way.

I have taken the opportunity to complete my DofE Gold award whilst at school. I am a keen sportsman and enjoy sports such as swimming and cycling. For the service part of the award, I am a volunteer coach at my swimming club. Working with other coaches and talking to swimmers has definitely improved my communication, confidence and teamwork skills. Another one of my hobbies is computing. During Summer 2021, I applied for the CS50: Introduction to Computer Science course that is led by Harvard University on edX. While also studying C, Python and computing fundamentals, this course offered me an insight into how lectures and homework assignments are like at a university and gave me a chance to establish independent learning skills.

I took the initiative to arrange work experience with a company called EM Motorsport for a week. In this role, I helped to build the control panels for the Bahrain Grand Prix that year. This involved soldering wires to boards, building the control panel itself and briefly looking at the code. I particularly enjoyed the week as I’m interested in Formula 1 and the inner workings of cars. I’d also love to be a part of a Formula Student team and build and design cars . I enjoy watching videos on the topic and I am subscribed to channels such as Engineering Explained. Road cycling has played a big part in my interest in engineering and in particular the mechanical workings and aerodynamic saving. I enjoy researching newer technologies that are being developed such as the effort to decrease rolling resistance in tires, testing the sweet spots between aerodynamic design and low weight for hills. Therefore a degree in engineering or computer science will provide a good foundation for this and I relish the opportunity of studying for it at university.

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I decided to apply to Cambridge pretty late (like 2 weeks before the deadline) so I can't imagine it's the best personal statement I could've produced but I'm still pretty happy with it. I was never good with writing but it does the job I think. If I could redo it, I'd probably include some more academic content and try to come up with a less cringy/cliche introduction. Not too hopeful about Cambridge (especially with the ENGAA lmao) but it doesn't hurt to try ig. Happy to answer any Qs! 3977 characters with spaces, 667 words.

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Warwick (but for Computer Science)


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