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My choice to study civil engineering was the result of mature reflection. I'm aware that the decisions I make at this age will surely determine my life.

The direction of my studies will certainly bond my future and I decided that this commitment should contain things I love, and make me feel useful in society.

My future education and profession should encompass what I’m really interested in and give me joy and satisfaction. When you outline your course on things you like, your commitments give meaning to your life and make everyday routine more interesting and productive.

I’d like to incorporate these thoughts in the projects I’ll deliver as a Civil Engineer, projects that will harmonise the natural with the built environment and produce an attractive result.

Maths and physics were my strong points since the beginning of my education. My interest in maths was also increased by my father who is a mathematician.

Thanks to his help and promotion, I took part in several mathematical competitions. I managed to participate in the National Mathematical Olympiad three times (top 30 for my age in Greece) and I am confident that this year I will become a medalist.

I have also attended preparation classes for the National Mathematical Olympiad, organized by renowned professors from the University of Crete. In Physics I fed my curiosity by studying extracurricular books. MIT Open courseware lectures in maths and physics were also a way to deepen my knowledge.

However, how these could be combined when confronted with real-life situations, I’ve learned from a family friend, a civil engineer by profession.

He played a catalytic role in the way I conceive myself in the future, in my thoughts and knowledge of the job of a civil engineer. He instilled in my mind the love for the capability to structure space without harming the environment.

He took me to construction sites and introduced me to the “poetic” side of the profession. With him I learned that you can elicit from nature the shape you want to create and the material you’ll use, that the constructional technique must become art, that the building and urban planning have to cover contemporary needs, that Aristotle considered the town to be a physical event, creation of man, a physical need, like family.

I live on an island that on account of its rapid touristic growth broke off its relations with the countryside and the natural environment.

The re-establishment of the environmental balance is no longer in nature’s hands, but in the hands of human intervention. I consider utmost justification of my objective the capability to form the environment that will cover human needs, which will give symmetry, security and stability to space and man.

Alongside my studies and work, I want to be present in the foundation of new relations, new perceptions, new buildings.

I have played basketball in a club for over 10 years and have won several regional championships. I learned that the results you’re seeking require planning and teamwork. Studying in your university is to accede into a team that has the vision and knowledge required to give society a better landscape.

Being bilingual, I have the advantage of learning languages easily; I can speak Greek, German, English and Spanish at a high level and basic French.

I also learned to adapt to situations, a virtue many people do not posses. I also play the guitar and believe that learning to play a musical instrument is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, as it teaches you discipline and patience, but also gives you the chance to communicate with your emotions.

My distinctions in maths and sports, my performance at school, my ability to learn languages, my time management skills and above all my determination to study what I aspire to and learn from the best, will hopefully be seriously taken into account in your decision of accepting me to your University.

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This personal statement was written by andreas for application in 2011.

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Cambridge University
Imperial College London

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Yikes this was awesome

Hi I applied to cambridge as well......though my personal statement wasn't as brilliant as this. I am an international student as well.
In fact this was one of the most interesting personal statements I've read so far. Usually people just boast and list a whole load of achievements they've achieved. But this was well structured and keeps the reader going.
Well done :)

I found the end to be just a

I found the end to be just a list of achievements and a very big ego. Even though you shouldn't be modest, here it is to much and might seem unreal.

Seems like im going have some

Seems like im going have some trouble competing if theres people like you out there for my year! One suggestion - paragraphs :)

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