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From a young age I have always been wondering how things work. I usually tried to improve things by making them more efficient or by adjusting their functionality.

At that time I didn’t actually know what engineering was. I gained a real interest in engineering by watching the TV series such as “How it’s made” or “How do they do it?”. These shows give insight into the way in which many things, from microwave ovens through cars to space shuttles, are done or how they work.

My first contact with a little more serious engineering was when I got a small radio construction set. It only had a few capacitors, resistors and a simple earphone and a speaker, but building it and actually receiving any broadcast was a very rewarding feeling after the time spent assembling it.

This is like a mathematical problem. When solving a problem, you start with a simple set of analogies, but you can find the solution even to a very complex problem.

Another practical experience was a contribution to the IDEERS Earthquake Resistant Buildings competition. The objective of the project was to design and construct a model of a building that could stand a model situation of an earthquake.

This project enhanced the ability to work in a team and tested whether we were able to successfully transfer the knowledge from our Math and Physics lessons into real world situations.

My interest in sciences, primarily physics and mathematics, provides me with the foundations needed for in-depth understanding of problems related to this field.

I believe that this is an important part of engineering; understanding how and why things work. Understanding how things work is vital when they stop working, so we are able to find and eliminate the defect or defects and make necessary modifications.

That is why I decided to become an engineer; to help lead the changing of the world, not just to follow. I believe that this can be achieved by obtaining a certain degree of education, which only a good university can provide.

I have always liked to read about great engineers such as Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla, but the one that perhaps was the most futuristic for his times was Leonardo DaVinci. The fact that I admire about him the most is that for his age he was able to produce inventions that were proved to be functional many hundreds of years later.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the technical means to construct many of them. Occasionally, I part-timed at my father’s company, where I worked with numbers. I wasn’t maybe as fast or skilled as the full-time employees, but I always had all the numbers correct. This proved another, perhaps a very important quality needed in engineering, preciseness.

Apart from school, I enjoy sports. Either passively as a spectator, usually football or hockey, or actively, actually doing the sport. The ones I do, include cycling, exercising in the gym, and karate.

My command of English is excellent: I have been attending English speaking schools throughout the whole process of education, from elementary to secondary education, which has thoroughly prepared me for University studies in English.

By studying in the UK I seek the opportunity to gain a superior education to that which any Slovak university could offer.

I am able to work either independently or as a part of a team. I think that I can withstand the pressure that is awaiting me, and I really look forward to facing the challenges that studying internationally will bring.

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How you could improve things

How you could improve things didn't know what an engineering was? were you a tvelve year genius? doesn't make sense for me


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