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Engineering has always captured my imagination; from the enormity that is the Airbus A380 to the minute workings of a computer circuit board, I have always been inspired to develop my understanding of the world around me, through my passion for Engineering.

By undertaking work experience in a variety of engineering fields, I have been able to see a practical use for the skills that I have developed during my A Level studies. My work placement at BMI gave me a firsthand insight into the implementation of physics and mathematics in real life situations.

Calculating fuel payloads on the Airbus A330 gave me the determination to improve on my performance in Mathematics now that I have a better understanding of the relevance of each unit.

Moreover, I appreciated the complexity of computer programming and electrical engineering during my placement at Flight Safety International, where all aspects of engineering are brought together to generate type-rated simulators.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed my placement at Mercedes Benz, where I was also able to see the importance of physics in everyday engineering, as well as the appreciation for clever and innovative design, this gave me motivation throughout my Product Design course.

Alongside my school work, I have been able to participate in numerous extra-curricular activities, such as the Gold D of E Award, where I was able to extend my leadership abilities by completing the Community Sports Leadership Award. As part of this course we, as a group of five, were responsible for delivering the PE lessons for a class of Year 6 pupils.

This additional responsibility helped me to hone my time management skills. I completed the skill aspect of the Award by competing in the Young Enterprise competition. This helped to support my studies in Economics as it gave me the insight into the links between the producer and the consumer markets.

The connection between the two sectors is vitally important for the success of the engineering sector. Studying Physics at A Level, I took the opportunity to travel to Paris to learn about the practical side of Physics through lectures lead by experts in their field. In particular, I was fascinated by the lecture on Artificial Intelligence and the exploration of Mars.

I like to immerse myself in all areas of school life. After entering the Sixth Form I took the additional role of being a Head of House. I primarily helped to motivate the younger members of the school in their school competitions.

My rapport with the younger years was endorsed by my involvement in running the Year 7 football team. As a Prefect, I was in charge of ensuring that the rules of the school were adhered to during lunch time. Being able to extend my leadership and management qualities at school has made my part time work as a Life Guard much easier, as I can now manage the safety of bathers in a more efficient manner.

My enthusiasm for Engineering has been enhanced by attending a taster course at UCL; this helped to cement my commitment to studying Engineering at degree level.

After completing my degree, I intend to join the British Army as an Officer in the Parachute Regiment.

Through my long term membership of the Air Cadets, I have been able to complete a Gliding Scholarship; having this military flying experience has made my choice to pursue a military career clearer, knowing that hard work and dedication to doing your job well is thoroughly rewarded in the military.

I believe that I am ideal to study Engineering at university as I have devoted time away from school to further my interest in Engineering.

By regularly reading the New Scientist magazine, I have been able to submerge myself in all areas of science and technology.

As a result of this I feel I have accumulated a substantial background knowledge that will allow me to fit into the diverse topics of degree level Engineering.

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