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I come from a family with a history in engineering. My father spent 22 years in the army, namely The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and my grandfather worked for a small plumbing company.

This has filtered down to me and I have a huge enthusiasm for the subject. When I was very young, I can remember both building complex radio controlled cars and going to the local army base where my father was stationed to look at the repair hangars.

I found this far more interesting than what everybody else my age was doing and would look forward every time to working on the car or going to the workshop.

My passion for engineering was refined to aeronautical engineering after attending an airshow and watching aircraft fly unrestricted at great speed. I have attended many airshows over the years including Farnborough International Airshow and the Bournemouth Air Festival.

At the age of fourteen I joined the Air Cadets which confirmed my interest for aircraft. I have recently been Air Experience Flying and it is quite simply one of the best experiences I have ever had.

For my A-Levels I have picked English, maths and product design. My project in product design currently is a large scale trebuchet, in which there is a large amount of woodwork construction. I particularly enjoy this subject due to all the hands on work involved.

Aeronautical Engineering would develop my understanding of the physics behind flying more than simply getting into the cockpit and using the controls. It will also provide me with a foundation which can be used in joining the RAF as an Aircraft Technician Mechanical.

I have gained experience in mechanical engineering, having spent my lunch times with the college Greenpower team, working on aerodynamics and altering the cars.

Greenpower is a collection of students from national and international schools and colleges who build some of the most efficient battery driven cars in the world.

I have also spent two weeks with Wärtsilä Hamworthy in Dorset, one week with the design department 3D modelling, and the other week with the engineering department disassembling and reassembling a rotary vain compressor and then reassembling the cooling element for a 4 stage high pressure air compressor.

Through cadets I am also working towards a BTEC in aviation studies, including different types of propulsion, airframes and navigation.

It is not just the physical side of aerodynamics I am interested in; I also like working with computers and enjoy dismantling, cleaning, fixing, upgrading and putting them back together again.

Aircraft are a lot more technical than they used to be and to a certain extent they can function without a pilot.

Planes increasingly rely on computers to perform small adjustments to the aircraft to lessen the strain on the pilot. This is why the computers are so critical to the flight of an aircraft, if they fail, the plane can fall out of the sky.

I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, and am currently working towards my silver. I like the feeling of success after having put in a lot of effort and hard work.

Through cadets I have completed a level 3 Gliding Induction Course with 614 Volunteer Gliding Squadron at MDPGA Wethersfield. Currently I have a paper round alongside my studies, previously having worked at Matalan as a Christmas temp. I am also working on an EPQ based on Aeronautical Engineering.

Getting into a university for Aeronautical Engineering would enable me to go further with engineering than I originally thought possible. This would also set me up for whichever branch of aeronautics I want to follow later in life.

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This personal statement was written by Twigman for application in 2015.

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Farnborough College of Technology
University of Hertfordshire

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I think it's only alright, but my college loved it, so I'm hoping universities won't get too bored reading it.


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